Make your Range Hood the Center of Attention

Imagine your kitchen design without an oven, sink, kitchen cabinets or refrigerator.  Not possible, right?  These are all essential parts of any kitchen design, and like these the range hood is also a necessary, functional part of your kitchen.  Range hoods keep grease, smoke and chemicals out of your kitchen while you prepare your meals, and no kitchen can do without a good quality range hood.  What you may not realize is that your simple, practical range hood can also become a design statement and the center of attention in your new kitchen remodeling project. 

You can create an instant focal point in your new kitchen by choosing a unique hood incorporating architectural elements, colors, or materials that make your hood stand out from the crowd in your kitchen.  Here are a few examples from our own design portfolio (click on any of the links below to view photos in our design gallery):

  • A custom copper hood offsets the old world charm of A Continental Delight.  It is framed by intricate moldings that match the moldings on the kitchen cabinets, and also provides a contrasting color to the surrounding darker main cabinets.
  • Take advantage of ceiling height with a custom designed extra-large hood.  In Space to Expand, Lang’s Kitchen & Bath created an eye-catching stone hood design that fully utilized the 10’ ceiling height to create a unique design statement.
  • A stainless steel range hood can seem like a very simple choice in your new kitchen design, but it makes a sharp statement when matched with a stainless oven and kitchen sink.  The contrast of these features against a white kitchen is striking, as seen here in Classic Elegance.
  • The kitchen hood design in A Place for Everything is custom painted to mirror the design on the pendant lights over the island.  This feature subtly pulls together the design elements in this kitchen while providing a one of a kind feature in the range hood.

These are just examples of how you can allow your unique style to shine through in your kitchen design by making a statement with your range hood.  You could add a splash of your favorite color to your otherwise all white kitchen or match the wood of your range hood to your wood floorboards.  Whatever kitchen design statement you want to make, professional design advice can help you achieve your dream!