Winter Warmers to Start your Day

As the cold weather sets in, do you find it a bit harder to motivate yourself to get your day started?  No one wants to trade a warm bed for a cold, tiled bathroom early in the morning!  Your bathroom should be a warm, welcoming space, providing a sanctuary at the end of a long day and a comfortable space to get ready for your day in the morning.  If you are considering a bathroom remodel, there are a few elements you could include in your new bathroom design that can turn your ordinary bathroom into a warm refuge from the cold winter days.

Picking out a tile color and agreeing just the right tile floor design for your bathroom remodel is a big decision.  Adding underfloor heating to your bathroom renovation plans can take that beautiful tile design and make it into a warm, welcoming space to greet your feet on a cold morning.  Not only does underfloor heating warm up your bathroom and promote a peaceful, spa-like experience, it is also an energy-efficient heating solution that can be soothing to your pocket in the long-run.

Radiator towel warmers can also contribute to the spa feel of your bathroom, giving you toasty warm towels at the ready when you step out of the bath or shower.  They also are a practical heating solution, serving as a supplemental heater or in some cases the sole source of heat for the bathroom.  

While warming your new bathroom, radiator towel warmers can also make a statement in your new bathroom design.  Towel warmers come in all shapes, sizes and styles and therefore can fit into any bathroom renovation plans.  Radiators can be modern and minimalist or more traditional with an old world European flair.  They also come in different dimensions to fit any size space and with different finishes to match your bathroom fixtures.  They are usually placed near the shower or possibly the bath, so your warm, fluffy towels are close at hand when you step out of the shower.  What a luxury to gain from such a small addition to your bathroom design!

Talk to your design expert to find out about these ideas and more great ways to warm up your new bathroom.