Get the Party Started!

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is upon us already.  As the family gatherings get underway this week with Thanksgiving, most of us will be taking part in or planning our own celebrations.  What better way to greet guests when entertaining than by offering them a drink from your custom designed beverage bar.  If you don’t have one, this is a relatively easy addition to make to your kitchen design during your next kitchen remodeling project.  

The first step is to identify a space to install your wet bar.  You might have to give up a few existing kitchen cabinets or a closet in order to find the best location, but this can easily be incorporated into your new kitchen design without sacrificing overall storage space.  Your kitchen designer can help you make sure that all of your storage requirements are met when completing your kitchen renovation.  

Where is the best location for your beverage bar?  It depends on your needs and the space available.  If you install your beverage bar inside the kitchen, your guests will be able to access drinks easily while you are preparing the food.  Locating the beverage bar somewhere just outside the kitchen on the other hand can be a good way to get guests out of the kitchen if you prefer to surprise them with your culinary delights!  You can even convert an underutilized space in your home such as a coat closet or hallway space into a beverage bar that will become the focal point for your entertaining.  

Once you have designated a space, the possibilities are endless for what elements you could include in your beverage bar. If you do a lot of entertaining and have the space to incorporate a purpose built beverage station into your kitchen design, it can include a range of features such as a large wine refrigerator, sink, separate dishwasher, integrated coffee-making facilities and beverage and glass storage.  Even if you don’t have a large space or don’t entertain all the time, you can still incorporate a beverage bar by finding a location that can perform double duty.  You might identify a specific area of kitchen cabinets and counter space in the kitchen that can be used for food preparation or other storage all-year long, but that contains purpose-built beverage bar features so that it can be used as a wet bar for holiday entertaining and parties.  You could even add beverage bar features to your kitchen island design.

A beverage bar can fit into any kitchen design, so why not give your home an entertaining area worthy of gatherings for years to come?  Visit our design gallery here for more great ideas for designing your beverage bar.