Designing your Space with Color

Kitchen and bath design is not just about picking out kitchen cabinets or bathroom fixtures.  It is about defining a new space in your home and giving it a touch of your personality through all the small design choices you make, including the color scheme you choose.

There is a reason why most kitchens and bathrooms start with a relatively neutral color palette – a kitchen or bathroom renovation is an investment and neutral colors are less likely to go out of style than that fantastic shade of red you fell in love with last year.  Classic neutral tones are not only an attractive choice for your new kitchen or bathroom design but also make smart economic sense.  Does that mean you have to have an all-white kitchen or bathroom? No!  A neutral palette spans a range of colors, each of which can shape the look of your new space.  According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, here are the top neutral colors for kitchen and bath design:

  • Whites and off-whites still hold the top place, followed by beiges and bones as the second most popular colors.
  • The popularity of gray color schemes has risen sharply over the last few years, more than quadrupling in popularity as a choice for both kitchen and bathroom renovation.
  • Browns are on the decline, but sepia tones have risen slightly in popularity.

What does this tell us?  Whites and off-whites are a classic choice and are not likely to go out of style anytime soon.  Shades of gray on the other hand are becoming the choice of many consumers as it still provides a classic, neutral foundation for your design while creating a more chic, sophisticated atmosphere for your new space.  Gray also is a calming color, and can be an excellent choice for a spa style bathroom.  Some designers are now using variations on this theme with splotches of black in a gray or white background.

That doesn’t mean you can’t still work that fantastic shade of red into your kitchen or bathroom renovation project.  Your neutral palette simply provides a timeless foundation onto which you can add a pop of color to reflect your own style and personality.  The accent color you choose depends on your own tastes as well as on the style of your space and the look you are trying to achieve.  The hottest accent colors today are yellow, emerald and tangerine, but your neutral base colors can pair well with almost any color.  To create a more relaxed feeling choose softer colors in small accents throughout the room, or to make your space more vibrant add a bold accent color.

Where can you work in these accent colors?  The possibilities are endless and can range from paint colors to furniture.  Here are a few ideas for including color in your kitchen and bath design:

  • Choose a paint color, window treatment or light fixture in an accent color, as these can be easily replaced over time.
  • Create a conversation piece in your kitchen with a range hood in a bold color or a colorful backsplash.
  • The rest of your kitchen cabinets may be a neutral color, but you can define the style of your space by adding a kitchen island or custom designed hutch in an accent color.
  • Similarly, the bathroom vanity can provide an opportunity to express your style through color choices.

Your design professional can help you find the best way to express your style in your next remodeling project!