Light up your Day

The bathroom is the place where most of us start our busy days, getting ready for work or other activities.  When you walk into the bathroom in the morning thinking about the day ahead you do not want to find yourself in a poorly lit room, fumbling in your vanity drawer to find the toothpaste or your make up.  Proper lighting must be an essential part of any bathroom design, starting with good, well positioned task lighting, which was covered in last week’s article on bathroom lighting here.

Your bathroom lighting should be multi-layered, so in addition to task lighting any lighting design should include ambient lighting along with specialized lighting for showers, tubs or other areas.  Ambient lighting can be incorporated into your bathroom design by simply including a decorative overhead light fixture, but it can also include more unique light fixtures for a bathroom setting such as an unusual pendant light or even lamps sitting on the vanity.  Decorative, ambient lighting should still be a good source of light, but it can also be an opportunity to include a stylish accent in your bathroom remodel project.  A dimmer can be added easily to your ambient lighting, and this is an excellent way to create a soothing atmosphere in your home spa-style bathroom.

Now that you’ve taken great care to include ambient and task lighting in your bathroom renovation, don’t forget to add specialized lighting to ensure all the great features of your new bathroom are well lit.  Ceiling mount fixtures specially designed for wet areas can be included in a shower or bath, as in this Asian style bathroom picture here.  If you like to relax in the bathtub with a good book, special reading lights can even be installed near the tub.  Under cabinet lighting can be a good addition to your bathroom design, both as an accent light but also to provide low lighting for a middle-of-the-night trip to the bathroom.

Your lighting can also be a decorative statement – either a bold, signature item or a complementary feature to match other elements of your bathroom.  There are so many options available for ambient light fixtures that they can match or complement almost any aspect of your bathroom design, such as the cabinet color, bathroom fixtures, or even your mirror design.  You could also decide to include decorative lighting that will stand on its own as a design feature, by incorporating a fixture in a unique style or accent color.

Whatever your design needs, there is a bathroom light fixture to meet your requirements.  Contact your bathroom design professional to help you find the best way to incorporate all your lighting requirements into your next bathroom renovation project.