See Yourself in the Best Light

So you have decided to go ahead with a bathroom renovation!  You are going through the exciting process of picking out your new vanity, tiles, that spa-style shower and tub you’ve always wanted and just the right style and color of bathroom fixtures.    You even chose a one-of-a-kind mirror designed by that local artist you always admired.  All you need now is to pick out lighting that will allow all the features of your new bathroom design to be seen in the best light possible.

Lighting can be incorporated in a number of places when you are undergoing a bathroom renovation: most important is vanity lighting, but shower or bath lights, under-cabinet lights and a decorative light fixture in the middle of the room are other options to complete your bathroom design.  These lighting fixtures generally fall into two main categories: task lighting and ambient lighting, which can then be complemented by natural light sources from windows.  

Anyone who has tried to shave or put on make-up in a poorly lit bathroom will tell you that the importance of good, practical lighting should not be underestimated, so your first decision should be to select the correct task lighting to meet your requirements.  The best task lighting for your vanity gives you full, even coverage of light without creating shadows.  One of the best ways to achieve this is by having sconces on either side of the mirror.  This can be coupled with an additional light fixture over the mirror or lights recessed in the ceiling to give you multiple layers of lighting for a well-illuminated vanity area.  

Decorative sconces could also be installed directly on a large mirror, which will give a larger bathroom a more luxurious feel or make a small bathroom feel bigger.  If your bathroom renovation includes a double vanity with more than one mirror, you will require extra light fixtures to ensure all areas are well-lit.  This could simply be accomplished by adding extra sconces, as pictured here in Custom Creativity.


Recessed lighting can be a good alternative solution where you want task lighting to blend in with your bathroom design.  Now that you have figured out the best way to achieve your task lighting, you can have a bit of fun adding ambient lighting and specialised lighting for your shower or bath.  This will be the focus of our next blog post, so check back next week for more tips on incorporating lighting into your bathroom design.