Innovative Ways To Make Small Spaces Look Larger

One of the simplest ways of "expanding" a kitchen is to incorporate glass, which lets you see through to the objects inside, thereby enhancing the feeling of spaciousness or what the Lang’s Design Team calls "negative space." Try a glass counter or tabletop, or glass door cabinets. Glass kitchen doors, to the outside world or to the next room, can also visually expand the space. There is even highly reflective glass tile that the Lang’s Design Team recommends to give your kitchen a unique sparkle. Mirrors, in a backsplash or strategically placed around the room, also lighten up the look of any limited space.

The Lang’s Design Team also advises adding pass-through windows into the next room to expand the space or creating a half wall between rooms to increase the functional space. If you don’t have one, the Lang’s Design team will work with you to add exposure, airiness and architectural detail by adding an arched window, counter pass-through, or half wall into the next room.