Lighting Makes A Night And Day Difference In The Function & Ambiance Of Your Kitchen

Like any other room, your kitchen needs a combination of task and atmospheric lighting. Fluorescent lighting, of the past casts a bluish light impacting the colorization of objects in the room, including the food. Today the Lang’s Design Team recommends compact fluorescent fixtures or LED lighting for three reasons:

  1. Today the florescent fixtures and new LED lights have been designed to eliminate the bluish tint and create a more white light enhancing the kitchen space
  2. The compact fluorescent, or CFL, saves energy annually. The LED lighting is even more efficient than the CFL!
  3. CFL’s and LED’s reduces the heat produced by incandescent or halogen bulbs thus lowering the cooling cost annually.

When the Lang’s Design Team designs your kitchen, lighting is one of the most important aspects in creating a functional and memorable design. Combining recessed lighting with under-cabinet lighting creates the perfect work area when the lighting is spaced correctly. Placing pendant lights correctly to eliminate shadows is extremely important for a functional design. By planning your lighting layout during the design phase your kitchen will shine!