Dysfunctional Kitchens Can Be Made Functional Even In Tight Quarters

Kitchen spaces can sprain a designers brain — smaller kitchens even more so than large spaces - especially when you add storage and style in tight quarters to the typical kitchen challenges of fixtures and function. In many cases it is almost impossible to have a jack-of-all-trades kitchen— accommodating schoolwork, mail, laundry, recipe hunting and cooking duties. It is possible, however, if you don’t cook at all!

The Lang’s Design Team realizes the kitchen’s main chore is meal prep. So the Team focuses first on function and making sure your design integrates the appliances and work areas you need. You may be able to save a bit of space by using scaled-down or innovative appliances, including refrigerator and freezer drawers and pint-sized microwaves, stoves (some with just two burners) and single sinks. The function is there, without all the square footage! If workspace is at a premium, the Lang’s Design Team may consider a smaller-scale island or a counter-topped cart that can be rolled away into a closet when not in use.