Handy Bathroom Storage

When considering a bathroom renovation, adequate storage will be a major factor to consider.  If you do not include enough storage to meet your requirements then your beautiful new bathroom will be cluttered with tubes of toothpaste, make up and shaving supplies.  Typically this means including a bathroom vanity or other built in storage so you can hide away all the things you need to have available but don’t want to be on display in your bathroom. 

What about those items you need to hand while you are in the shower or tub, or those beautiful decorative items you would like to have on display?  The answer to this question may be to integrate shelving or ledges into your bathroom design.  There are a number of ways this can be accomplished:

Build small shelves or nooks into the tile or stone in your bathroom.  These shelves can accommodate shampoo, soap and other items in the shower, as pictured to the right.  A small shelf can even be integrated next to the toilet to hold your rolls of toilet paper, as was done in Customized Storage Solutions.  This is a sleek way to incorporate storage shelves into your bathroom design for those items you need readily available.

Mitgang 008_resized.jpg




While many of today’s shelves and ledges are integrated into the tile design, bathroom shelves could also be a built-in shelving unit, as in the bathroom design pictured here.  Built-in shelves with accent lighting serve as an elegant display space and add to the soothing atmosphere of the tub.



Bradley Finish_2_resized2.jpg

Rather than small shelves, you could include a longer ledge in your shower.  Depending on the location and depth of the ledge, it could be used for storage, as a seat, or even as a place to rest your foot while shaving your legs.  A deeper ledge can be a luxurious addition to a spa style steam shower allowing you to sit and relax, as pictured to the left.

Ledges have long been a feature of the built-in tub, but they can also be used for a stand-alone tub.  A ledge built into the wall next to the tub is a handy place to keep your bath bubbles, but also serves as an attractive way to house the plumbing and faucets, as seen in this bathroom design.


Think about the way your household functions and what your individual storage requirements are, and then talk to you bathroom design expert to see how you can incorporate this into your next bathroom remodel project.