Define your Shower Style

At the start or end of the day, most of us enjoy the comfort of a refreshing shower.  The style of shower you select for your bathroom design can help define this experience, whether you are looking for a simple space for a quick shower to get you on your way to work or a luxury spa experience in a steam shower. 

The size of your bathroom will in part influence the style of your shower, as will the primary users of the bathroom and your own personal preferences.  For example, a family or guest bathroom with lots of people using it may necessitate a more practical shower that affords some privacy if multiple people are using the bathroom at the same time.  A larger, master bathroom design could allow a greater variety of options such as a spa-style open shower or a steam shower.  Here are a few ideas on shower styles to help you plan the best option for your next bathroom renovation.

Stick with Tradition: either a shower and bathtub combination or just a traditional shower on its own may be required depending on the size and shape of your bathroom.  Traditional does not mean boring as there are many attractive shower designs to suit your space, and numerous options to express your own style through your selection of shower door, tiles and hardware for your bathroom remodel.

Add an Alcove:   if your bathroom design includes a recessed space, then an alcove shower can be an attractive option affording more privacy in the shower.

Open up the Possibilities:  an open shower is quite simply a shower with no door.  The open shower could still have a partial wall or glass partition, and it could also be either a curbless shower or include a step up.  An open and curbless shower is a great option to consider where accessibility is a concern.  Open showers can suit any size bathroom design, though a larger bathroom affords more space to turn your open shower into a spa-style experience especially when combined with an overhead rain showerhead.  Check back next week for our article on shower head options to find out more.

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Get the Steam Treatment: for the full home-spa experience and the ultimate in luxury, consider including a sauna or steam shower in your master bathroom renovation, with a fully enclosed shower and a built-in bench so you can relax at the end of a long day.

Double Up:  if you have space, a double or extra-large shower can be an ideal addition to your bathroom design.  A larger shower is a luxurious option and when paired with two showerheads can even accommodate two people!  If the larger shower is curbless, it is also ideally suited to provide greater accessibility where mobility is a priority.

The shower is not just a humble piece of hardware jutting out of your bathroom wall.  It is a focal point of your bathroom design that fits in with the space and needs of your household, and also helps to define the mood and style of your bathroom.  Your bathroom design professional can help you determine the best style shower to meet your needs.