Local Kitchen and Bath Designer Receives Prestigious Innovation Award

John Lang, LPBC, CEO and Lead Designer at Lang’s Kitchen & Bath of Newtown, PA has been awarded the prestigious SEN Design Group Innovation Award.  This national award is given every year to individuals across the nationwide SEN Design Group who have made a significant contribution to the kitchen and bath design industry.   Mr. Lang was chosen for this award in recognition of his relentless dedication to the development of the SEN Network Management System (NMS) software program.

John Lang receiving the SEN Design Group Innovation Award.

As a designer with almost 30 years of experience at the helm of Lang’s Kitchen & Bath, John brought his unique expertise and enthusiasm to the development of the first ever management software program targeted exclusively to the kitchen and bath design industry.  The software took four years to complete from the initial concept to its final launch in August 2014.  The first software release was made to 210 kitchen and bath dealers nationwide, but this will soon be expanded to a European release. 

The NMS software is expected to have a significant impact on the way kitchen and bath businesses operate as well as the customer experience.  For the first time, the kitchen and bath design industry will have a comprehensive software program to manage all aspects of the kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovation design process and to facilitate communications between the customer and the designer, project manager, or builder.  The software program includes a unique three-column budget feature, which gives customers three budget options from which to choose their final design and cost.  This feature was designed specifically to give customers a transparent process for selecting a budget within their price range and to make it simpler to select materials such as kitchen cabinets to fit within that budget. 

Since the release of the software in August, NMS has been successfully rolled out and enthusiastically received by kitchen and bath dealers nationwide.  The reviews from companies who have implemented NMS so far have been very positive, and the impact of this software program is just beginning to be felt throughout the kitchen and bath design industry.

About Lang’s Kitchen & Bath:  Lang’s Kitchen & Bath is the premier kitchen and bath design firm in the area. Located in historic Newtown, in the heart of Bucks County, Lang’s specializes in the design and renovation of kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment areas, closets or any home living space. Lang’s Kitchen & Bath will provide design solutions to enhance your lifestyle.