Using Textures to Create a Show-Stopping Kitchen

Creating an elegant, up-to-date kitchen and bath design is about more than selecting kitchen cabinets, appliances, durable tiles or countertops.  While a design must be practical and accommodate the everyday requirements of your household, the design process is also about creating a space to enhance your lifestyle.  You inject your personality into your home style and impact all of the senses with your new design through the use of colors, textures, patterns, and more.

Adding textures to your kitchen design is a great way to incorporate both the tactile and visual senses and can bring an interesting contrast to any style design.  When texture is included in one part of a design it can also serve to create a visual focal point, such as a textured tile backsplash or island countertop.  Each surface has its own unique textures and color variations, particularly when using more natural materials.  While seeking to introduce different textures to create a visually interesting layout, every surface in your kitchen must also work together to form a unified design.

There are many ways to incorporate different textures into your kitchen, and those textures can add a striking contrast to your design.  Here are a few ideas for including different types of textures in your kitchen:

In either a neutral or bold color, textured tiles make for a beautiful design feature in your kitchen, particularly when used to create a focal point backsplash.  The tumbled marble backsplash pictured to the right adds visual appeal through the color variation and design of the tiles, while the rustic textures add a tactile element to the design.


A smooth surface can also create an eye catching focus, particularly with glass tiles or a single sheet of glass, like the glass backsplash pictured below.

Natural stone adds a rustic contrast to your traditional cabinetry, particularly when it is incorporated into a feature element of your design.  Adding a unique focal point like the stone hood pictured below can turn a traditional kitchen into a show-stopping kitchen design.

Metal can be included in a number of ways, such as the hood, or in the case of this kitchen in the island lighting and stools.  Depending on the type of metal used, it can add color variations as well as different textures to your design.

A combination of different textures can create a unique feature for your kitchen.  In the case of the design below left, a pattern using the customer’s own collection of corks was added to the backsplash to turn a standard white backsplash into a conversation piece.  The island pictured below right incorporates both a butcher block table top and a granite countertop, creating a distinct work space and entertainment space with different textured surfaces in one island.

Selecting the right materials for your kitchen and bringing them together in a design that represents your style can be a daunting task, as you must look at both practical and design considerations.  As a premier location for kitchen and bath design in Newtown, PA, the team at Lang’s is available to help you navigate these decisions when considering a renovation.  Contact us for more information or visit our kitchen design gallery here for more great ideas!