Mix and Match the Perfect Kitchen

When you think about your ideal kitchen renovation, you probably picture a well-thought out kitchen design to suit your workflow with brand new kitchen cabinets and island, sleek new countertops and floors, all finished off with state of the art appliances.  When you think about this new kitchen, does everything match perfectly? 

While this may seem like a strange question to consider when designing a brand new kitchen, mixing and matching cabinet styles, finishes and colors, or even countertop materials or tiles can be a great way to create an unforgettable kitchen design.  The extent to which you mix up your kitchen style may depend on the size of your space, the overall style of your home, as well as your own style and personality.  If this approach to design strikes your fancy, here are a number of ways that adding variety can enhance your kitchen remodeling project.

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Create a contrast: You can lighten up dark cabinetry by adding in some light colored contrasting cabinets, or alternatively add a pop of color or a darker feature to an otherwise all white kitchen by mixing up cabinet finishes and colors.  This could be accomplished by using one cabinet color on lower cabinets and another on upper cabinets, or even by installing one feature section or island cabinetry in a contrasting color. 

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Become a focal point:  One section of your kitchen could become an instant focal point for your kitchen design by using a different color, an alternate cabinet style, or perhaps even a completely different tile for your backsplash.  The typical place to incorporate this into your kitchen design is the island, which is an automatic gathering point in many kitchens for food preparation, eating, and socializing.  As a natural focal point in your kitchen, a contrasting color or material can make your kitchen island stand out and draw a crowd even more than normal.  Any part of your kitchen design can receive the same treatment, though, if you would prefer to highlight your custom-designed beverage bar or the cooking area.

Material matters:  Mixing and matching in your kitchen renovation is not limited to just contrasting colors.  A different material could be used in one part of your kitchen, such as an alternative countertop material.  This could be done for practical purposes, like creating a butcher block worktop in one part of your food preparation area, or simply to make your kitchen design more interesting.  Mixing materials in your new kitchen could also be a way to balance your kitchen remodeling budget by using more expensive materials in one section of the kitchen and a less expensive option in the remainder of the kitchen.

Designing a new kitchen can be a daunting but also exciting process.  Your kitchen design expert can help you find the best way to express your style by incorporating contrasting colors or mixed materials into your design.