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An Oasis of Calm in your Bathroom

So much emphasis is put on the shower in today’s bathroom design that it might leave you wondering if there is still a place for the humble tub in your bathroom remodeling project.  Ask anyone who has soaked away the stress of a long day and they will tell you that the tub most definitely has a place in your bathroom design! 

Transitional style bathroom design with freestanding tub.

Transitional style bathroom design with freestanding tub.

Freestanding tubs have become particularly popular, as they elevate the tub beyond pure function and turn it into an oasis of calm in your home.  Of course you can still use this tub to wash the kids and the family dog, but it also evokes a sense of luxury and relaxation, and creates a focal point in your bathroom design.  Freestanding tubs come in a style, shape, material and color to complement every bathroom design.  The more old-fashioned pedestal or claw foot tubs complement a traditional or cottage style bathroom design, while a sleeker tub will suit a transitional or contemporary style, like the one pictured here.

If you decide to include a freestanding tub in your bathroom renovation, there are a number of factors to consider with your bathroom design professional.

What size?  When it comes to bathtubs, one size does not fit all and bigger is not necessarily better.  Freestanding tubs are available in different lengths and widths depending on the requirements of the bathers and the space available in your bathroom design.  If you select a tub that is too small it will not be comfortable, but a bathtub that is too large takes longer to fill, requiring more hot water than necessary.  On the other hand if you like to share the bath, a larger double tub can be installed allowing two people to bathe comfortably at the same time. 

Which shape?  Tubs can be found in a variety of shapes, from oval to rectangular, with sharp angles or plenty of curves, to complement any bathroom design.   A slipper tub is higher on one end to make it more comfortable to lie back and enjoy your bath.

What material?  Freestanding tubs are available in a range of materials to suit any style or budget – from acrylic to copper to solid stone.  Each gives a unique look, but also has different requirements for installation and maintenance. You may love the look of solid stone and have room in your budget, but talk to your designer to make sure the floor of your bathroom is able to support the weight of this tub style, which can come in around 2,000 pounds.

Where will I put it?  As a centerpiece of your bathroom renovation, you may want to place your freestanding tub in a location where it will be the focal point.  The freestanding tub could even be placed inside a larger shower enclosure to create a wetroom experience and to save space in the bathroom.  The downside of a freestanding tub is that you have no ledge for your book or glasses, but positioning the tub near a wall can allow for a built-in ledge in the wall. If you are able to place the tub near a window, it can provide the ideal relaxing environment with natural light streaming through the window, like the tub picture here.

Traditional style bathroom design with freestanding tub.

Traditional style bathroom design with freestanding tub.

Contact us for more information on how to incorporate a freestanding tub into your bathroom design.  All that is left for you to do is to buy some bubble bath and pick out a good book to read!