Kitchen Design Details: Is a Pot Filler Worth Including?

A kitchen renovation is a significant endeavor that involves seeing both the big picture (layout, design, and style) and the details (appliances, cabinet accessories, tiles, and much more).  The design you select must fit your home décor and enhance your lifestyle, and the details you add must be both functional and fit the style of your space.  For the avid cook in a busy household, a pot filler faucet is one of those small details that can make a big difference in your day-to-day kitchen life.  

What is a pot filler?

A pot filler is a swing out faucet that has a long, jointed arm, and is mounted over the stove, like the one pictured here.  It is used to fill pots for pasta, soups, and stews, or to top up water while cooking.  All of this can be done in place where the cooking happens rather than having to carry a large, heavy pot of water from the sink to the stove. 

Why is this useful?

Being able to fill the pot with water in place at the cooktop helps to reduce mess, saves a step in the cooking process, and saves your back the trouble of carrying heavy pots of water around!  It is particularly useful with large pots of water, especially those that are awkward to fit in your sink under a standard sink tap.

How does it work?

The faucet is mounted on the backsplash above the cooking area, and is connected to a single, cold water supply line.  While there is additional plumbing involved, it is not a very big job.  When you need to fill a pot or add water to cooking, you simply swing out the arm and turn on the tap.  When you are finished, the arm folds back neatly against the stove wall.  Simple!

What must be considered when selecting and installing it?

Pot fillers, as with any faucets, come in a range of styles to suit your kitchen design like those pictured here.  The location of the faucet will be affected by the height of the cooktop as well as the size of the largest pot you intend to fill.  The pot filler must be located high enough in order to ensure you can easily accommodate the pot underneath the faucet.  The faucet you select may be one or two valves.  While one valve is functional, two allows you to fully close the faucet and prevent drips.  This way there is less chance of damaging the stove and of having to replace the faucet.  Like everything else near the cooking area, pot fillers can be prone to collecting grease.  If you think having one will make your life easier in the kitchen, then the extra step to clean it may be worthwhile.

Is a pot filler the right choice for your next kitchen remodeling project? Your kitchen design expert can help you figure out if a pot filler fits your requirements.  Contact us today to find out more!