Gray Bathroom Designs Done Your Way

Do you think of gray as a monotone color that will leave your bathroom style falling flat?  While gray tones are part of a neutral color palette, it is far from a boring color.  Gray has become an increasingly popular neutral color choice for bathroom renovation, and it is an ideal color to update your bathroom style.  Gray mixes well with other neutrals including white, brown, beige, and cream, and there is a wide array of gray tones available.  A color scheme based on gray can change the style of the room depending on a number of factors including the shade you select, how it is combined with other colors, and the accessories and fixtures you pick to complete your design. 

Gray is a very versatile neutral, as it is available in a wide range of hues with different undertones that can completely alter the mood of the space.  It enhances almost any style, fitting with everything from contemporary to transitional to country designs.   Gray has the ability to transform your bathroom style by turning a traditional design into a sleeker transitional bathroom, by updating a country style, or by giving your bathroom a calm and clean look in line with the trend toward spa-style bathrooms. 

Here are a few of our favorite gray bathrooms:

Sleek Contemporary

This bathroom incorporates the clean lines of a contemporary design in the angular floating vanities with elevation changes and bi-level countertops, as well as the mosaic tile accents.  The use of multiple shades of gray surrounding the vanities, contrasted with the white tiles, gives this sleek bathroom an eye-catching focal point and a contemporary flair.  The light gray vanity cabinet is also complemented by a gray and white countertop, and is offset by the dark gray tones of the floor tiles and mosaic tiles.

From Traditional to Transitional

Gray tones like the dark gray tile pictured below left help to transform the more traditional elements of this design into a sleeker transitional style bathroom. The dark gray adds a sophisticated edge to this bathroom and pairs well with the white tub and warm wood tones of the vanity cabinet.  Even a traditional bathroom like the one pictured below right can be complemented by a gray accent, like the simple addition of a gray painted wall to offset the black vanity and white countertop.

Country Charm

The gray color palette does not just fit into contemporary designs, but is able to serve as the foundation for a wide range of design styles.  The classic country style of this bathroom is updated with vanities in a distressed gray finish to provide a more modern take on a primitive country style.  The cool gray tones give this bathroom a sense of sophistication but also create a relaxing environment for the bathroom design.

Add Elements of Gray

There are numerous options available to incorporate gray into your bathroom remodeling project, whether you decide to make gray the foundation of your new bathroom or just want to add a bit of sophistication with one gray accent.  Gray tones can be found in a number of materials used in your bathroom project like stone, tile, concrete, paint or stain colors, and more.  The concrete countertop and sink pictured here are a unique way to add gray to your bathroom, and along with the gray and white tiles help to create a sleek transitional bathroom style.

If you are looking to update your bathroom design, then a gray color scheme may be just the way to add a sophisticated, modern flair to your style.  Click here to visit our gallery for more bathroom ideas.