4 Design Ideas to Glam up your Bathroom

A glamorous bathroom is a great way to bring the feeling of luxury into your home.  Bathrooms are no longer just a functional space in which to shower and brush your teeth, but a place to relax, rejuvenate, and leave you feeling your best for the day ahead.  Designs have changed over time to reflect this role as bathrooms become more sophisticated and align with the style of the home.

There are a number of ways to incorporate glamor into your bathroom design.  Go full on luxury with a complete bathroom makeover worthy of a Hollywood star, or just give your new bathroom a bit of sparkle with some glamorous details. 

Here are a few of our favorite glamorous bathroom ideas:

Shine and Sparkle

Reflective or high gloss surfaces, such as metals or glass give your bathroom the shine it needs to create an opulent space.  Like your favorite jewels, the accessories and details you include in your bathroom should add sparkle to the room in a way that enhances your surroundings without overpowering it.  The bathroom design in Newtown, PA pictured below includes a stainless steel vanity and large mirrors, which together with a distinctive tile design give this contemporary bathroom a dramatic flair.  Similarly, glass mosaic tiles, polished metal accessories or fixtures, and mirrored details can give your bathroom style an edge.

A Bold Statement

Color schemes, materials, and the textures you incorporate in your design create a distinct atmosphere for the room and can set your mood for the day.  For a glamorous setting, make a bold statement with bright jewel tones, contrasting black and white, or perhaps even an all-white room with sparkling accessories that evokes the aura of your favorite fancy hotel.  Natural materials like marble and granite bring a feeling of luxury to your bathroom.  The bathroom remodel in Yardley, PA shown here uses Carrera marble tile that contrasts with the black vanity cabinet to give a distinctive design statement.

A Dramatic Focal Point

Create an atmosphere of glamor in your bathroom by including a statement piece that will be the star of the room.  This could be a freestanding tub, an eye-catching gilded or unique mirror, a uniquely patterned tile design, an architectural feature, or a dramatic furniture style vanity.  You could even include a large double vanity with a separate make-up area and a backlit mirror for the full star treatment. The vanity below left evokes old world glamor, while the custom-designed tub below right framed by feature pillars and built-in shelves provides a luxurious setting for your bath.

Light it Up

A well-planned, multi-layered lighting design is an important feature of any bathroom design.  Lighting adds a touch of glamor to your bathroom by highlighting features in your design and providing just the right lighting to bring out the best in you or any visitor to your bathroom.  Many bathrooms also include light fixtures that are themselves a luxurious addition to the design, like a chandelier in place of a pendant light, an eye-catching lampshade, or crystal sconces that add sparkle. 

The key to creating a glamorous bathroom that will stand the test of time is to aim for classy charm rather than over the top glitz.  Pick a few areas of your bathroom to glam up and the rest of your room will come alive.  If you just want to add a touch of glamor to your home, then select one distinctive design piece like a furniture style vanity.  Whether you decide to change your light fixtures or completely transform your powder room into old Hollywood charm, have fun renovating your space and visit our design gallery for more bathroom ideas