Elevate your Design with a Bathroom Tile Feature

Today’s top bathroom design trends tend to focus on clean lines, neutral color schemes, and creating a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere.  Whether your bathroom style is traditional or contemporary, a neutral color palette and simple, elegant features serve as an excellent foundation for your design.  You can keep this look but add an element of visual interest by including an eye-catching feature to make your design stand out. 

A tile design is an excellent way to create a focal point in any bathroom remodeling project.  There are many ways to turn your practical bathroom tiles into a unique highlight of your design.  Create a border, use a tile pattern to draw the eye to a particular feature in the bathroom, add some color or a unique pattern to break up an otherwise plain space, or incorporate a different tile material with texture or shine to make sure your design is the center of attention.

Here are a few ideas for how you might incorporate a tile focal point in your next bathroom design:

A Sophisticated Touch: The sophisticated black and white color scheme of the bathroom design in Doylestown, PA pictured below is visible in every element of the room including the porcelain tile floor, marble countertop, black-finish vanity cabinets, and white walls.  The floor includes an elegant tile design that carries through this color scheme, while adding a different pattern that creates a focal point in the center of the room.

Natural Elements: This Asian influence bath uses river rocks instead of standard tiles to create a soothing atmosphere with a natural touch.  The design created by the river rocks complements the surrounding cedar wood but also stands out as a unique element in the room, drawing the eye toward the shower and the extra deep Japanese soaking tub.

Must-Have Mosaics: This bathroom with a European flair includes many beautiful details, but the mosaic tile designs really draw attention.  The vertical mosaic tile details in the shower mirror the horizontal mosaic tile backsplash and border above the freestanding tub, providing continuity among the main features of the bathroom as shown in the pictures below.  The tiles maintain the same color scheme as the rest of the bathroom, but the shape and pattern of the tiles bring an interesting contrast to the design.

Stunning Special Effects: Tile features add an extra edge to this already beautiful contemporary bathroom.  The dark accent tile under the vanity cabinet stands in stark contrast to the white main floor tiles and gives the effect of a shadow under the vanity.  Mosaic tile accents frame the mirrors and draw attention to the floating vanities, adding the contrast of a darker color palette to the otherwise light gray and white hues.

A tile design can add an element of contrast to an otherwise neutral color scheme and bring a point of visual interest to your new bathroom.  Elevate your design by including a stunning tile feature to create a focal point in your design.  For more ideas visit our bathroom design gallery here or contact us to find out more.