Take Your Vanity Design to a New Level

The vanity is often a centerpiece of a bathroom design. Vanities come in all shapes, sizes, and styles to suit any type of bathroom.  They are an ideal way to enhance the style of your design while also creating valuable storage space.  One way to increase the available storage while also creating an eye-catching design feature is to include a multi-level vanity design.

This vanity style offers a point of visual interest in the bathroom, while also maximizing the storage options by using vertical space in the room.  There are a number of ways this can be accomplished to suit a variety of bathroom styles.

Here are five ideas to inspire you to take your bathroom renovation to new heights with a multi-level vanity cabinet:

Powder room vanity with tower storage.

This powder room vanity includes a tower cabinet that adds ample storage space complete with pull out racks.  The Florence panel doors are topped off with a crown molding and provide the perfect complement to the unique framed mirror.  A tower cabinet can work in any bathroom, but is ideal for a smaller area like this powder room, where you need to maximize all available space for storage.

Floor mounted vanities built for two.

These floor mounted vanities make use of the different levels to create ample space for two people to comfortably share the bathroom.  In the example below left, two standard cabinets are separated by a lower level that can serve as extra counter space or a make-up vanity.  The bathroom design shown below right, on the other hand, offers personal space to both users of the vanity by including a taller cabinet to separate the two areas.  In both cases there is plenty of room for two people to get ready and also to have their personal storage space.

Floating vanity designed to be shared.

The same effect is achieved here, but with a floating vanity.  In this case, the freestanding vanity cabinets with two sinks are separated by a taller, floor mounted unit.  Each person is given ample personal space, while the taller middle cabinet affords additional storage space.

Relaxing guest bath with a built-in seat.

This sophisticated bathroom achieves a striking visual effect with a multi-level vanity, while also making the most of the beautiful window and natural light.  Two freestanding vanities frame a central cabinet that has a window seat in the middle, allowing visitors to this guest bath to sit and enjoy the view while getting ready. 

Contemporary vanities framed with style.

The effect achieved by these contemporary vanity cabinets is striking, with each central cabinet framed by taller four-drawer cabinets.  This is further accented by a floor tile design that mimics the shape of the cabinet, with a darker accent tile evoking the image of the cabinet’s shadow.

There are so many ways to incorporate a multi-level vanity cabinet design into any style bathroom remodeling project.  Let our bathroom design gallery be your inspiration, and discover how these cabinets can be both the perfect design accent and the ideal solution to your storage needs.  Contact us today to find out more!