Set a Scene with Kitchen Lighting

Like a theatrical production, lighting sets the scene in your home and should be tailored to your requirements.  This is particularly true in a kitchen design, and is even more important during the holiday season when you will be cooking and baking more than normal, while also welcoming guests and hosting parties. 

Multi-layered lighting must be a key part of any kitchen remodel, and will make the seasonal activities more enjoyable knowing you can create the atmosphere you want at the flick of a switch.  It allows you to go from targeted lights, so you can read that ancient family cookie recipe, to dim lighting for a festive holiday gathering. 

Here are a few ideas for how to use your kitchen design lighting to set the mood for any seasonal activity:

1.  When you are cleaning up before guests arrive, reading recipes, or preparing food, task lighting offers targeted light in just the place you need it to see clearly.  Use your undercabinet lights, lights near the range, or over the island to put a spotlight on your work zones while you prepare delicious holiday treats.

2.  Set the mood for your event with ambient light sources.  This is the indirect light that adds a human element to the room and creates a warm, inviting environment.  Combine this with a dimmer switch and you have the perfect means to go from the brighter lights required to prepare for an event to a dimly lit party atmosphere.

3.  Use accent lights to show off key kitchen design features, a favorite piece of artwork, or your holiday decorations to guests.  These lights typically include track lighting, up lighters, or wall sconces.

4.  Or, make your light fixture the conversation starter with guests by including a decorative light fixture, such as a chandelier, large pendant light, or one-of-a-kind light fixture.

5.  Add holiday cheer with temporary festive lights!  Light candles, string Christmas lights, or put up a festive lantern that will add to the atmosphere and bring holiday cheer to your kitchen design.

Lighting is key to any kitchen design, but it is especially important during the holiday season when the kitchen is busier than ever.  Visit our kitchen remodeling gallery to find more lighting ideas, or contact us to start planning your 2018 kitchen renovation.