How To Update your Kitchen and Bath Without Breaking the Bank

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Whether you are updating your home to live in or preparing your home to sell, having a modern, functional, and beautiful kitchen and bathroom is critical. These areas are the most used rooms in a home, by family and guests. Therefore, it is important that these rooms reflect the personalities of those who live there.

Hire a professional to draw the plans

Even if you plan on doing most of the work yourself, you should hire a professional contractor to prepare your plans. This ensures there are no surprises when the job is underway. A professional can tell you what will work and what will cause major issues. If there are repairs to do while the remodeling is taking place, the expense is hard to factor in if you are not in the business. Once the plans are done, you can begin the project with confidence that your remodel will go smoothly and within budget.

Focal points

Every room has focal points. These are items that grab the attention of the person entering the room. It is the wow factor. While we take great care with the details of a room to pull it all together, they are usually appreciated after the person has experienced the entirety of the room. In the kitchen, the sink area, floor, cabinets, and island usually create the focal points. A focal point is not one item, but one area. For example, a beautiful chrome faucet draws the eye to the sink. The counter, sink, and backsplash may complement the faucet. For examples of a modern faucet that will draw the attention visit Maestro Bath. In the bathroom, the focal point is usually the vanity area, which is made beautiful with a lovely sink and stylish faucet that keeps the attention. Yes, other areas such as the shower are important, but they are more important for the functionality of the room than the aesthetics.


Consider leaving the existing cabinets in place and update them by painting them with a light and bright color. (bright white is always a good choice). Change the hardware on the cabinets and drawers to tie them to the new decor. If the cabinets must be replaced, allow ample space for the cabinet doors to open without interfering with anything else. 

Open the area with glass

To add depth to a small area, consider opening the room by adding large windows. This gives the illusion of a larger room. In the bath, consider glass shelves.

In the kitchen, use glass doors for some of the cabinets. You do not have to have just one style. Small upper cabinets are perfect for glass.

Splashes of color

An inexpensive way to bring the room together and make it unique and fun is to add splashes of color. Add bright bar stools to the kitchen island. Add bright vases with silk arrangements to the bathroom, or matching candles around the tub area. A few bright colored items are all you need for a visual rush.

Use all your space

Do not overlook the corners for additional space. Corner shelves give you space for placing items without taking up counter space. This works in the kitchen and bath.

When you are ready to take on the remodeling project, take the time to gather all your materials and speak with a professional about the plans. Spend your money on quality items that will make a statement and last. Design your room around the fixtures that make your home uniquely yours and create a functional workspace that anyone will enjoy.

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