Adding Warmth to Your Kitchen Design In 2019

The crisp change in the air is the first indicator of the upcoming cold weather. With that in mind, it’s the perfect time to add some extra warmth to your family’s home. And the best place to start? The kitchen, of course!

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a complete kitchen renovation or are simply looking to add charm with a few accessories, here are some fantastic tips to transform the ambiance of your kitchen design!

Add a funky area rug to your space.

Visit your local vintage shop or rummage sale or pop by your favorite home accessories store to find area rugs that will add charm to your kitchen design. This is a great way to add color and comfort to a bland space and keep your feet warm while you work. Don’t forget to add a cushioned rug pad so your feet won’t get sore while you stand and cook!  Consider also your choice for flooring material if you are starting a kitchen renovation.  Wood is a naturally warm material that more easily retains heat and feels warm underfoot.  Stone, tile, or polished concrete may require more area rugs to bring warmth to your floor or consider adding radiant underfloor heating.

Hang art on the walls.

Nothing says “welcome home” more than art and photos on the wall. It makes the house feel less like a house, and more like a home. It doesn’t matter whether you have $25 or $2500 to spend on art. Find a piece (or several) that speaks to you and hang it somewhere you will see it everyday!  Bringing color to your walls through artwork especially helps to warm up a neutral white or gray kitchen design, but adds a personal touch to any space like this colorful kitchen design in Bristol, PA.

Vary textures throughout the space.

Incorporating materials with various textures adds lots of depth to your kitchen design. This can be achieved by using wicker baskets for storage, upholstered chairs for seating, or a roman shade for the window… just to name a few.  If you are embarking on a kitchen remodel, consider including textured tiles in your backsplash, a natural material for your floor, or locally sourced stone or reclaimed barn wood to bring textural variety and warmth to your kitchen design.

Update the hardware.

Simply changing the hardware can enhance the look of any kitchen. Consider adding a warm finish like brass or gold hardware for a hint of luxury and sophistication.

Incorporate natural wood looks.

Natural wood adds the perfect elements of warmth to any home, and can give your room anything from a traditional to an eclectic to a rustic kitchen design vibe. Incorporate natural wood kitchen cabinets, if you’re undergoing a kitchen remodel. You can also add a butcher block countertop, a wooden island or barn doors… the possibilities are endless!

Add open shelving.

Open shelving presents this welcoming, help-yourself vibe, which can go a long way toward making guests feel at home. Think about using materials that add warmth like recycled or repurposed wood or shelves painted in a contrasting color to give the space some more panache.

Install a show stopping chandelier.

Cooks need lots of light to see what they are doing, but who wants to eat a meal under bright lights? Romantic meals and lively dinners both call for a different mood. What says ambiance more than a distinct chandelier?  Add a dimmer switch or remote control to your lights to be able to alter the mood at the touch of a button.

Check out our kitchen design gallery for more inspiration or contact us today to let our design experts guide you through our many options for your next remodeling project.