5 Tips To Spice Up Your Kitchen This Winter

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With the winter season here, most people don’t think about investing their time and money into complicated home improvement projects – they just want to hibernate and wait for the snow to melt. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t carry out a few small projects on your own, especially if you pick something that will make your living space nicer and homelier. Focusing on your kitchen, for instance, could be just what you’re looking for and spicing it up a bit will make a giant impact on your entire home, so here are a few kitchen improvement ideas you should look into this winter.

Repaint your cabinets

No matter how new and modern your kitchen cabinets are, the chances are you’re already bored with them. Seeing them day after day and thinking how unexciting and dull they are will make you want to replace them, but this could turn out to be rather expensive.

That’s why people came up with an alternative – they give them a new life by repainting them! This is a project you can carry out on your own and it shouldn’t be too expensive or time-consuming, but the effects are amazing. Here are examples of painted kitchen cabinets from a Lang’s Kitchen & Bath remodeling project.

painted cabinets before and after
painted island cabinets before and after

Build a new island

The problem with most modern kitchens is that they’re too tiny, which means they can hardly fit a proper kitchen island. However, you can always find an island even for the tiniest of kitchens, and thus give yourself a ton of workspace and storage space at the same time.

If you’re not into purchasing a premade island, you can always build one on your own using old bookshelves, cupboards and even tables – just show these things some love, spice them up, customize them in accordance with your own needs, and you’re good to go!

kitchen with narrow island

Freshen the air

Another problem with small kitchens is the lack of fresh air, especially if you’re preparing stews, soups or roasts, and you should definitely do something about it. Keeping the windows open all the time is a great solution, but it’s not exactly practical in the middle of the winter, so you need to think outside the box and find alternatives.

Installing a huge range hood could do the trick, yet this might be rather pricey, so keep that in mind as well. Getting a powerful whole house air purifier is another efficient and affordable solution that won’t just clear your kitchen air, but also purify the air in other rooms of your home, making it healthier than it ever was.

Rethink the flooring

Since we spend lots of time in the kitchen preparing food and cleaning dishes, it’s no surprise that the flooring in here isn’t at the highest quality. Therefore, you should rethink your flooring solution and replace it from time to time.

kitchen design with hardwood flooring

Vinyl and rubber flooring have always been popular since they’re so practical and cost-effective, but if you’re in a position to invest a bit more money into your flooring, consider wood, tile, cork and even concrete. Once you install such a floor, you won’t have to worry about it in the decades to come, and that type of stability and security is something we all need.

Replace the lighting

The amount of natural light in your kitchen depends on the size of your windows, and unless they’re huge, you won’t be able to see what you’re doing when you’re preparing your food. That’s the reason why you should consider adding some more lights into your cooking area, not just to help you avoid cutting your fingers when making your meals, but also to make the entire kitchen cozier and more inviting.

White kitchen design

There are lots of ideas you can try out, but what most designers prefer are task lights, drawers and cabinets lights, as well as accents lights that can transform a certain part of your kitchen into an effective focal point all your guests are going to notice. In the end, consider installing new windows as well since this really is the best way to make your kitchen full of fresh air and natural light. Still, if you decide to do that, wait until winter’s over and do it in the spring.

Spicing up your kitchen doesn’t have to be too expensive, take too much time or require too much work – all you need are a few good ideas you can adapt to your own cooking space and make the most of it. Once you start with these projects, you’ll notice how amazing they are and keep looking for more in the future!