Top Tips for Keeping Bathrooms Clean and Clutter-Free

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house but is used by multiple people for many tasks involving an array of tools and products.  For this reason, it needs to be highly organized and easy to keep clean.  A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to win what can feel like a losing battle against clutter and dirt. A little planning at the design stage, followed by basic maintenance, will keep your bathroom as good as new and a perfect place to unwind.

 1. LET IT GO.

Take the bull by the horns and have a clear out. A bathroom renovation presents an ideal opportunity to streamline its contents.  Discard or recycle anything unwanted, unused or out of date. Many medications don’t like the humidity of a bathroom so only keep essential ones there, away from children. Think about what you use in the bathroom and ask your bathroom design professional to create storage for these items.  Things you access occasionally, like supplies of soap or toilet paper, can go in the back of a cabinet or upper shelf of a hall closet.  Throw away bulky packaging and store things in jars, bags and baskets, aiming only to have a few essentials like soap and lotion around your bathroom sink.  Hey presto, you’ll now have clear countertops, floors and shower surfaces that are much easier to clean and maintain.


Vanity cabinets are the main storage receptacles in most bathrooms, forming an essential part of the room’s style and storage capacity. The cabinet can store toiletries and cleaning products with storage inserts, adjustable shelving and pull-outs. Customized cabinets will take many more items. Special drawers for electrical goods with built-in sockets, pull-out laundry hampers, trash cans and storage inserts for products and tools are all possible to include in your cabinetry at the bathroom design stage.

Once you have adequate storage, you may have space for decorative objects but beware of them becoming dusty clutter. Towels, baskets of toilet paper and pretty soap dishes are attractive and functional. If you’ve no room to store away everyday essentials try stylish apothecary jars for cotton swabs, soap and bath salts.  Open shelves can also provide storage and display space in a bathroom design.


Bathroom floors harbor moisture and dirt and can often be littered with towels and toiletries. Awkwardly angled vanities, toilets, showers and baths add to the difficulty of cleaning bathroom floors. Use your customized storage to designate a home for everything and incorporate contemporary bathroom design styles like a floating vanity or wall-hanging toilet to keep your floor fully accessible for vacuuming and washing. Choose flooring materials that are easy to maintain such as non-porous, large format tiles (with less grouting) and keep any mosaic tiles to one focal point.

 4. SIMPLY TACKLE THE SCUM.                                                                                

Showers are covered in water, dirt, soap scum, that accumulates each day, so they need to be cleaned regularly to keep them sparkling. The more minimal the shower design, the easier it is to maintain. A frameless glass shower door or open shower in your bathroom remodel will make for much simpler cleaning than scrubbing a metal framed door. Keep cleaning products and a squeegee in handy customized storage and wiping down showers and tubs on a daily basis will become an effortless routine.                                                                                                


When looking for storage solutions in the bathroom don’t forget to look up. Well-placed hooks let you hang bathrobes and clothes up when getting ready.  In conjunction with towel bars being on hand when you step out of the shower there will be no more excuses for leaving towels lying around! Corner and niche shelving around tubs and in showers will keep toiletries tidy and accessible, such as this bath design in Wycombe, PA.

Don’t forget to reward yourself after all the work on your bathroom is done. Provide a spa atmosphere with a shower seat, freestanding tub, folded towels and candles and enjoy your new space.

 Creating an easy-clean design with customized storage is the best way to make sure your bathroom remains unspoiled. Look at more low-maintenance bathroom designs in our gallery or contact us to start work on your bathroom remodel today.