The Return of Black and White Bathroom Design

Color schemes will come and go in bathroom design, but classic monochrome will always be stylish. As most bathroom fittings are white, the bathroom is a great place to experiment with a black and white palette.  Though this color scheme was once associated with a purely retro style, black and white bathroom design is a perfect choice regardless of whether you want a modern, classic, eclectic or rustic bathroom. Read on to find out more about how to create a black and white bathroom style.

A space decorated in just ebony and ivory hues is as glamorous and timeless as a black-tie event but adding other design touches injects your personality. Black and white bath design provides a neutral setting for gold, brass, black or stainless-steel fixtures and pairs well with the angles and clean lines of a bathroom design.

Wood makes a black and white bathroom remodel warmer and more inviting, incorporating pieces like a wall-mounted wooden cabinet or floating vanity. Dark stained cabinetry or a barn door work wonderfully to give a bathroom design a rustic edge. Dark wood floors will bring gloss and depth to matte white surroundings or try painting your doors or wainscoting black for a stronger contrast. Dark bespoke cabinetry with open storage can hold towels and candles, or a black bookcase will work if you’re on a budget.

Aside from black cabinetry, there are many other ways to include black in your bathroom remodel.  Experiment with tubs, sinks, tile, faucets and light fittings, which can all be found in black. Add brass fittings and hardware to a monochrome bathroom design to achieve a stylish, art deco appearance. It’s important to get the balance right with black and white though, as too much black will look gloomy. Make the most of natural light and then go with several layers of lighting, such as sconces, pendants or even sparkly chandeliers, to illuminate different parts of the bathroom.

Pick materials that complement and enhance the black and white theme.  Marble (or marble look tile) always works beautifully in black and white bathroom design. Whether it’s tubs, sinks, countertops, white marble floors streaked with black, black marble backsplashes paired with pure white walls, or the entire room in marble for high glamor, the list of possibilities is endless.

The neutral characteristics of black and white are a great backdrop for trying out trends in pattern and color. Why not go for black and white patterned wallpaper, wide monochrome stripes or a mirrored wall to enlarge a small bathroom? Incorporate black and white towels, rugs, old photos, black window frames or quirky touches like a ceiling in an accent color.  Get a dramatic effect by painting the walls black with white tiles on the lower half.

If you want an accent color, a coat of vibrant orange or yellow makes a door into a statement, a bright color can be added to a tile feature in the shower, or for a subtler approach simply add colorful glass storage jars or other small accessories. While adding bright colors is popular, try introducing grey instead as an accent color.  You can use different tones, hues, tiles and patterns that will be in keeping with the monochrome palette. 

Tiles play a large part in adding texture and dimension to a monochrome bathroom by using different shades, shapes and sizes of tiles in either color. Embrace contrast with traditional checkerboard floor tiles, or large white porcelain contrasting with dark mini mosaic tiles.  Use grout colors to create contrast by including white tiles with black grouting and vice versa. Feature walls or shower surrounds can incorporate mural or mosaic tiling in stylish black and white and non-slip river rock slabs add texture to a shower floor or even to a storage niche like this bathroom design in Doylestown, PA.

The graphic impact of black and white bath design makes it a striking element on its own, when the two colors balance perfectly, or with grey or another accent color. Either way, you can never go wrong with a stunning monochrome palette. Get in touch with our bathroom design experts today to find out how you can get this sleek and timeless look for your bathroom remodel.