Steps to Prepare for a Bathroom Remodel

Are you ready to embark on a bath remodel? Achieving the look you want, whether a relaxing retreat or a colorful family bathroom, means you need to visualize your end result from the very beginning of the bathroom design process. First, think about why you’re renovating and what your budget is and work from there. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a bathroom remodel.


There are bathrooms to suit every situation and different styles for each bath design. Are you remodeling your master bath, one for guests or the family, or a powder room? Think about how much the bathroom will be used and by whom and then decide how much to invest.  Do you need to plan for the future as your lifestyle and physical ability changes? Wide doorways, accessible faucets and showers are all worth considering and they won’t impact on the style you’ve chosen. You might want to invest in a design that’s easy to maintain, with customized storage and wall-mounted fixtures so the floor is a breeze to clean.  Maybe you’d just like to modernize your bathroom or make it more luxurious with underfloor heating or a spa shower. What about touchscreen mirrors, TVs and Bluetooth speakers?  Write down everything you’d like, whether they’re requirements or luxuries and then your designer will help you calculate what’s achievable.


Why are you embarking on a new design? Once you know your reason (and there might be more than one) the next step is easy.  

If you’re selling your house, then choose a neutral or white bathroom color scheme as the new homeowners can accessorize to their tastes. While you might fall in love with a bold color scheme, it could put prospective buyers off! Research what sells in your area. If bathrooms with luxury touches sell quickly, then they’re worth investing in.

Functionality can be a big issue in bathroom design. Your preferred products might look pretty but be impractical, such as a large freestanding tub in a bathroom too small to accommodate it. Move tubs, toilets or vanities if they’re causing problems in their current location.  This will add more to your budget as it requires plumbing and rewiring, but the payoff lasts a lifetime, especially if you’re planning for aging in place. If you’re tripping over things, then design custom cabinetry with ample storage to keep everything off the floor and neatly stored away.                                                                                                                                          

If you like where everything is, but it just looks tired and old, then make sure you have no internal problems like damp, rot or plumbing issues. When you’ve eliminated that then the first port of call is new cabinetry, which often determines the style of your remodel. Then go for fittings, fixtures, tiles, flooring and accessories to tie the new look together.


Once you’ve designated your budget (adding a margin of error for any unforeseen circumstances), then the fun begins. Take the hard work and risk of error out of the equation by hiring a bath design professional. Here at Lang’s our designers have many years of experience and can keep your project within budget while achieving your ultimate look. Share pictures and ideas with your designer to help them understand your vision and allow them to suggest new ideas for your space. Once approved, the designer’s drawings become plans and together you finalize the details and choose materials and colors. The designer works with you through the whole process, from allocating the budget to the final installation. They are well informed on building codes, the latest technology, materials and styles. This ensures any headaches are dealt with quickly and the whole remodel causes as little disruption to you as possible.

It really is that simple. Once you’ve decided to remodel your bathroom, then just figure out why you need it and what your budget is. After that, a design professional guides you through the exciting journey of creating your dream bathroom design. Check out our bathroom remodeling gallery or contact us today for advice on your next step.