Bathroom Design Storage Trends In 2019

Just because your bathroom is a functional place, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo style. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, storage planning is key, and effective storage is also essential to creating and maintaining the bathroom design style you want. Storage can be integrated into every part of your bathroom design, and help to maintain your design by keeping your space neat and tidy!

When planning for a bathroom remodel, first de-clutter to get rid of any items you don’t really need or that are out of date. Next, decide what you want in closed storage and what you’re happy to display. Then have fun choosing storage options that not only meet your functional needs, but also suit your look and update your bathroom design.

Spa Indulgence

The spa-style bathroom design is always a popular choice, with rich colors and luxury fixtures and fittings giving an indulgent feel or soothing neutrals creating a Zen-type atmosphere.  Include shelving for towels and candles, as well as customized vanity cabinet storage for all your daily essentials plus extra room to organize your home spa treatments!  An upholstered bench with internal storage provides a glamorous place to relax and hides any clutter. Add plenty of hooks for fluffy robes, and a radiator style towel warmer for cozy towels at the ready.

Natural Wood

Natural wood tones bring an element of nature to your bathroom design and are also the perfect counterbalance to concrete and industrial design features. The Danish concept of Hygge, celebrating cozy simplicity, is also very popular, and wood is a great way to achieve this vibe. Shelving and vanities are available in every possible natural color from deep walnut to bleached driftwood and will bring texture and warmth to any bathroom design, while providing essential storage solutions.

Vintage Vibes

If a vintage style bathroom that references old-world craftsmanship is your preferred style, make sure your bathroom features and storage complement this style. Claw foot tubs, exposed pipes, vintage mirrors and intricate lighting are all taking center stage in vintage bathroom designs. Go with this look for your vanity, accessorizing with gold or brass hardware. Glass and gold modular shelving is also a winner for displaying neatly folded towels, candles, and decorative items.

Shelve It

If you want to make the most of your bathroom storage, don’t be afraid to go higher by installing open shelves that go up the wall or a narrow cabinet over the toilet.   It makes sense to position shelves in convenient locations where you need items to be readily accessible like near the bathtub. The shower is no exception to this, so make sure you include shelves just outside the shower or built in storage in the shower.  Niches are very popular for showers, but built-in ledges are also big news for shower storage. Line up your products on an attractive ledge in the shower so they are available when you need them. This bathroom design in Newtown, PA has it all with a glass shelf over the toilet, a half wall ledge next to the tub and a ledge/seat in the shower!

Future Power

Technology is integrated into bathroom design as much as any other room in the home.  From smart mirrors to digital showers to intelligent toilets, technology is everywhere.  Make sure your storage keeps up by including integrated storage with electrical outlets and USB charging for all your electronic devices and beauty tools. 

Now that Spring is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to de-clutter and reconsider your storage options. Check out our gallery, which is packed with bathroom design ideas. Contact our experts today, to make your dreams a reality and get your 2019 bathroom remodel underway.