8 Bathroom Design & Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

If you're looking to remodel your bathroom but that raise hasn't come through at work yet or your savings account has seen better days, you may need to find ways to save some money. It's possible that you may simply have to tone down the grandiosity of your plans, but the more money you can save in ways that don't negatively impact the value of the remodel, the more you'll be able to get done overall. With this in mind, our team at Langs Kitchen & Bath is here to provide tips for remaking this room on perhaps a tighter budget than you'd like.

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  1. Too Much Tile Can Get Expensive Replacing tile in your bathroom can get expensive both in terms of the cost of each tile and how many you plan to lay. One good tip here is to only use tile for fairly major areas such as the floor rather than also using it for the walls. You can also use cheaper tile over most of the area, and then use more expensive and decorative tile along the edges, which will help it stand out better.

  2. Budgeting Ideas for Countertops Fortunately, bathrooms don't have much countertop space anyway compared to the kitchen, so right off the bat you're spending less here. You can save money installing a countertop with a higher quality material than what you have now by buying a slab of your desired material that has imperfections in areas where the sink or faucets will go, so they'll never be seen anyway.

  3. Don't Underestimate the Power of Paint Painting may be considered the ultimate “poor man's upgrade,” but don't underestimate the amount of new life a fresh coat can bring to your bathroom. Obviously, how much revitalization you achieve doing this will depend greatly on the condition and color of the current paint job. Since this room experiences plenty of moisture and humidity, you want to use high-quality paint with a satin finish.

  4. Upgrade Fixtures Fixtures such as faucets, towel racks, drawer pulls and lighting can be inexpensive to change out and make quite a difference in the room's appearance. You can save even more money by following the step below about buying used with regard to your fixtures.

  5. Show Your Caulk and Grout Some Love Few things will add to an overall clean look for your bathroom more than cleaning the grout and replacing the existing caulk with a fresh layer. Not only are grout and caulk cheap but they are extremely practical. If the current caulk or grout is old enough not to be doing its job, then water can leak through gaps, which can cost you all kinds of money down the line.

  6. Revitalize Instead of Replacing Tubs or Showers For some major items in your bathroom that may have seen better days, it makes sense to have a professional breathe new life into them rather than replacing them outright if money's tight. Having your shower or tub professionally relined will make it look like new without the like-new price. You might also want to have any bathroom cabinetry and drawer fronts refinished rather than replaced.

  7. Save Money Buying Used Buying used rather than new saves money when purchasing a car, furniture, clothes at a thrift store and innumerable other things, so why wouldn't it when buying items with which to remodel your bathroom? This makes sense for things such as fixtures, sinks, and accessories.

  8. Going Green Saves Your Wallet as Well as the Environment Going green with bathroom upgrades is already likely to save you money in the long-term with, for example, low-flow toilets and shower heads saving you on your monthly water bills. As an added bonus, though, it doesn't have to cost much on the front end if you use your imagination, and check out places like Etsy for creatively repurposed items.

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