How To Create A One Of A Kind Bathroom Design

Just like no two homes or families are alike, we believe no two kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects are the same.  At Lang’s Kitchen & Bath every bathroom design or kitchen design we create is personalized to the client’s specifications.  We tailor the layout, product choices, and budget to suit the needs of the individual homeowners.  Sometimes these design variations are subtle, like a specific cabinetry style combined with a preferred hardware finish, or a layout and storage that incorporates the homeowner’s pets/hobby/special interests.  In other cases, like a recent bathroom design in Newtown, PA, the project offers us the opportunity to really flex our creative muscles!

The Inspiration

This homeowner was a return client - we had previously done a kitchen remodel for them, and they were coming back to get their bathroom remodeled.  We initially worked with Monica on the design and budget, but after meeting with her husband Greg everyone agreed to get creative and incorporate a theme into the bathroom design.   Both Monica and Greg love nature, and Greg is an avid fisherman with his own boat and a penchant for salmon fishing. Taking this as our inspiration, the design team at Lang’s Kitchen & Bath created a one-of-a-kind bathroom design that told Monica and Greg’s story through a unique shower tile design and by incorporating natural elements throughout the space.

The evolution of this bathroom design is most effectively told by the client herself in our latest video here.

Here are a few of the key design elements of this amazing bathroom remodel:

A Shower Design Like No Other

The focal point of this bathroom design is the amazing shower.  The project involved removing an existing bathtub to accommodate the larger shower, increasing the shower size from 3’ x 4’ to 5’ x 5’. The frameless glass enclosure lets natural light flow throughout the space, while also allowing the tile design to take center stage.

The tile creation started with the homeowner’s love of fishing and grew from there to include a complete scene depicting a waterfall, pond, fish, lily pads, turtles, and a blue heron.  John Lang sourced the specialty tile from a company in California, and the homeowners selected the pieces that they felt best represented their vision.  Our design team then created the scene based on these tiles. 

The scene begins with the recessed storage niche, which represents the start of the “waterfall”.  We used a blue grout to show areas that are water in the tile design.  The “water” flows from the niche down the angled wall to the corner shower seat, and then expands at the floor into a pond, complete with lily pads, salmon spawning, and turtles.  The grout and tile color on the floor changes to show where the water ends, and the surrounding sandy embankment starts.

Warm Wood Vanity

Wood features heavily in this bathroom design, continuing the natural theme.  The Koch Cabinets vanity cabinet has a warm wood finish that beautifully complements the nature-inspired neutrals found throughout the space, and is topped by a Cambria countertop in “Praa Sands”. The vanity was made larger than the homeowner’s old cabinet by 1 foot (measuring 84” instead of 72”), and we also added a tall cabinet to the left of the sink.  This offers ample storage and a pull-out laundry basket, which will help to keep this bathroom clutter-free and allow the beautiful design to shine through.

Floating Shelves

This bathroom design is a testament to the homeowners love of nature and this can be seen throughout the space in every material, color choice, and design detail. We included floating shelves in a warm wood tone that matches the vanity cabinet finish, which offer extra storage for small decorative items while continuing this natural theme. 

In addition to floating shelves over the toilet, we installed shelves that, seemingly like magic, appear directly out of the large mirror.  This involved a specialized process where the manufacturer drilled into the mirror to accommodate the shelves, and we then mounted the shelves on site.  It was not a simple process, but the result is stunning!  The surrounding large mirror is also framed in a matching wood tone.

Toilet and Linen Cabinet

The bathroom originally included a linen closet, but this structure would have impeded the open, airy feel of the new bathroom design.  We removed the linen closet but retained a half wall that offers some privacy to the toilet (which was relocated to this corner) and still allows for some storage in a narrow cabinet.  Next to the half wall is the entrance to the bathroom, which is as a soft open/close pocket door from Johnson Hardware in Ohio.

Every bathroom design is unique and special to the individual, because it reflects the home’s style and the personal needs of the people using the space.However, some bathroom remodels stand out from the rest, like this unique Newtown, PA space.Check out more images from the project and our other bathroom designs in our gallery here. Or, contact us today to tell us your unique story and find out how we can help you create your one-of-a-kind space!