Eclectic Kitchen Design Styles

When you’re planning a kitchen remodel, there are so many styles to choose from. It can be hard to pick one, so why not mix it up in an eclectic style design, creating your own unique look? There is more to the eclectic look than just randomly choosing elements from different styles. An eclectic design must be carefully planned to avoid chaos and bring out your personal style. Here are 5 tips to achieve an eclectic kitchen design.

1. Decide on Your Themes

Make sure each area has its own theme to keep things streamlined. Your main kitchen cabinets might be different to your island, but make sure the cabinet styles complement each other and the island coordinates with its seating.  Likewise, your dining table and chairs should be in the same style even if they differ to the cabinets. This means you can choose different hardware, fittings and accessories for different sections of your kitchen, as long as they go with the style of that part of your kitchen.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Mixing up colors is a major component of eclectic kitchen design style. There must be a cohesive link though, to keep busyness to a minimum. If you go for different colors keep the overall style the same. Try color blocking too, for a contemporary twist. If you’re not sure about investing in brightly colored cabinets, then go neutral and introduce color around them, perhaps in a brightly colored backsplash or painted wall.

3. Include Different Textures

Texture is a subtle way of mixing things up with different materials or textured tiles. Think about your walls and backsplash and go for interesting materials like exposed bricks, copper or glass. Countertops really add a wow factor if you choose something different in stone, wood or quartz in a quirky color. A really eye-catching look is to use more than one material for your countertop for baking or chopping.  If you have open shelves or glass front kitchen cabinets display items of different textures on the shelves to add interest. Finally, add cushions and curtains to anywhere that needs softness and warmth.

4. Look at Lighting

A layered lighting scheme brings sophistication to a kitchen design and is also an opportunity to mix up several styles. If you’re going for pendants over your island, keep them the same as each other and the same style as the island, but they can contrast with lighting fixtures in other parts of the room. Try industrial style pendants over your island with a romantic floor lamp by a rocking chair in the corner, for example. The sky's the limit as long as you define the style of the zones you’re lighting.

5. Be Brave with Accessories

Your floor can contrast with the rest of your kitchen, or you can throw clashing rugs down for a splash of color or texture. Think about the artwork on your walls. Is it modern or classic and do the colors blend or stand out. Don’t just hang pictures, as mirrors can really open up a dull corner by adding depth and reflecting light. Go bright or dark with your cabinet hardware and faucets. Don’t be afraid of going bold with your accessories as they can always be changed up easily.

Eclectic kitchen design is an ideal way to combine the colors, textures and styles you love in a unique way that makes your kitchen one-of-a-kind. Explore our kitchen remodeling gallery or talk to our design experts about what would give your kitchen design an eclectic style. It’s easier than you think!