Gas, Electric or Induction Cooking: Which is Right for You?

Are you embarking on a kitchen remodel and considering upgrading your kitchen appliances at the same time?  There are so many choices available today and technological advances that make storing and cooking your food easier than ever.  From smart refrigerators that help you know when your milk is running out to professional grade cooking appliances that allow you to realize your inner professional chef, today’s appliances make day-to-day cooking and special occasion food prep a breeze. 

Since food is at the heart of the kitchen design, one key decision you must make is whether to go with gas, electric, or induction cooking.  You may already have a strong allegiance to one or the other, but it’s important to understand the options when changing appliances.  This allows you to make an informed decision about which method of cooking fits your home and kitchen design.

It’s Electric

There are several different types of standard electric cooking methods, from the old-school electric coil cooktops to solid discs to a smooth electric cooktop that contains electric heating elements below the surface. 

The coil and disc cooktops tend to the be the least expensive options, they are durable, and can be used with any type of cookware.  However, they are slow to heat, difficult to precisely adjust to your cooking needs, and slow to cool down. 

The smooth electric cooktop is more expensive but offers a sleek surface that is much easier to clean.  However, since the surface is usually ceramic glass, they can be subject to scratching or possibly breaking.  It can also be slow to cool, so may present a danger to houses with small children.

Cooking with Gas

Gas cooking became widespread in the United States and Europe in the early 20th century, and little has changed about this cooking method since then.  Gas cooking technology has advanced in terms of energy efficiency and safety, but the method remains the same. 

Many people like the fact that gas cooktops heat up straight away and give you great control over the heat source.  Turn the flame higher or lower on a gas cooktop and you get an immediate change in cooking temperature. It’s a relatively safe and cost-effective method of cooking and can be used with most cookware.  It does involve an open flame, so you need to be cautious about keeping oven gloves and other flammable items away from the burner.  Another benefit of gas cooking for your kitchen design is that you can still use it even if the power goes out, unlike electric and induction cooktops.

The main downside of gas cooking is that the grates are much harder to clean, but people who swear by gas find this a small price to pay for effective cooking.  If you don’t have gas in your kitchen now, you must have a gas line installed by a professional.  This is an added cost so be sure to discuss it with your kitchen remodeling professional when planning your budget.

Sleek Induction

Induction cooktops have a smooth surface, with a visually appealing modern style perfect for today’s contemporary kitchen design.  They use electricity, but with induction cooking a copper coil beneath the surface creates an electromagnetic field.  This heats only be the metal pot sitting on top of the burner, meaning it is an incredibly efficient means of cooking.  It is also very safe as the burners are cool to the touch and will not burn anything else that comes into contact with them.  They are also highly responsive to heat adjustments, even more than gas cooking.  While induction has been the most expensive option on the market, it has come down in price and is now quite competitive with gas.

For induction cooking to work, you must use pots and pans made from metals like stainless steel or cast iron, which may mean you have to replace your cookware.  In the context of a kitchen remodel, this is a small extra price to pay to get your preferred cooking method. Very importantly, this technology can in some circumstances impair the functioning of medical devices like a pacemaker, so it is best to investigate this carefully if you have such a medical device.

Which Cooking Method is Right for Your Kitchen Remodel?

You may already have a specific preference for one type of cooking.  If, however, you are ready to explore the options, carefully consider your style, budget, and technical requirements to determine which cooktop is right for you.  Contact Lang’s Kitchen & Bath to talk to one of our kitchen design experts about your next kitchen remodeling project today.