Kitchen Trends That We Hope Are Here to Stay In 2019


Kitchen trends seem to come and go over the years. There's certainly plenty to have fun with in your kitchen when it comes to having so many design elements in one room of the home. In what other room can you combine styles for countertops, backsplashes, cabinetry, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures as well as the flooring and walls that are in every other room?

Some styles that were hot a few years ago are out of style today. The following are a few looks that hopefully will stay in style for the long haul because they are definitely aesthetically pleasing, and some of them are practical as well.

Inset and Cutout Handles

Choosing the hardware for cabinet handles and drawer pulls is one of the decisions you typically have to make when remodeling your kitchen, but why not save yourself from having to make this decision? Inset or cutout handles can give your kitchen a unique look while also having a practical aspect to them. Handles and knobs can become loose or tarnished, and when working close to the counter when preparing food, your clothing can get caught on them, so save yourself a decision and any ensuing frustration with this perfect option.

Dark Countertops Combined With Cabinets

If you want to make your kitchen stick out from the pack, come on over to the dark side. Dark, stone countertops combined with dark cabinetry can create a beautiful look for your kitchen. A black marble countertop, for instance, paired with dark blue cabinets can create a moody look that will get noticed by anyone. To keep your kitchen from being too dark overall, you can balance the look with lighter colored walls.


Stone Counter, Backsplash and Shelving

Nothing has quite the natural look and feel of stone when it comes to your kitchen, so why not splurge on this material if you have the budget? Going with stone for the countertop, backsplash and shelves can give you a seamless look that is also very chic. Except for the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the few rooms in your home where it really makes sense to utilize stone, so don't let this fact go to waste.


Walls of Storage

Cabinets comprise a lot of the visual square footage of any kitchen, so it's important to make sure they are of a color and material that complements the rest of the room. That said, their primary purpose is for storage, and this purpose is boosted all the more when you make them extend from floor to ceiling. This has the effect of creating walls of storage that look good while giving you massive practical space.

Vertical Backsplash Tile

When tile is used in a vertical orientation, it brings a visual impression of greater height to a room. This is also true when used for the backsplash in your kitchen. You can have them installed in either an offset or a stacked manner. Thin, stacked vertical tile can give this part of your kitchen a modern and sleek look.

Inspiration and Guidance for Your Kitchen Remodel

At Lang’s Kitchen & Bath, we know how important it is to get your kitchen just right when you renovate it. Located in Newtown, Pennsylvania, we are kitchen design experts who can inspire your kitchen designs with our years of experience and our showroom that will ignite your imagination. Whatever the latest trendy or time-tested design that you want to incorporate into your kitchen, we have the design talent and the product selection to help you achieve just the look you are going for. If the above design trends excite your imagination, they are just the tip of the iceberg. Please contact us and check out our showroom, and see what we can do to help you transform your kitchen.