When you're thinking about getting your kitchen remodeled, you likely have an idea of what you want your dream kitchen to look like. That dream probably doesn't include standard stock cabinets that are just like the ones in countless other homes. Indeed, the best kitchens are those that have been customized both in terms of function and style. Lang's Kitchen & Bath are the kitchen designers to turn to when you're in need of kitchen remodeling in Horsham, Bryn Athyn, Dresher, Colmar, Abington, and Blue Bell.

Kitchen Renovation Options

This copper hood is a central feature of the beautifully-designed kitchen which also features carved moldings and a custom hutch.  See More Photos .

This copper hood is a central feature of the beautifully-designed kitchen which also features carved moldings and a custom hutch. See More Photos.

Lang's Kitchen & Bath offers you a variety of kitchen renovation options. From traditional styles to modern farmhouse styles, there's enough options to suit any design preferences. Select from antique bronze and sleek chrome kitchen fixtures as well as a variety of tiling and countertop options.


Types of Cabinets

Of course, one of the most essential elements of any kitchen is the cabinets. The cabinets are where you'll store all your unused cooking tools out of sight.  The layout of the cabinets is one of the most important design elements that will determine the entire flow and function of the kitchen, or even of an entire home remodeling project

The types of cabinets offered at Lang's Kitchen & Bath range from semi-custom to luxury cabinets. The semi-custom cabinets are those cabinets that are made of more mass produced materials, but they've been customized to your specific space. The luxury cabinets are designed exclusively for your space and tend to be of the highest grade of materials available, while the custom popular and furniture grades fall somewhere in between the semi-custom and luxury cabinets. 

Kitchen Lighting

An often overlooked, yet crucial, element to consider when you're doing a kitchen renovation is the kitchen lighting. You'll want your kitchen to be well-lit, so consider installing under-cabinet lighting, along with a range of task and ambient lighting to meet all your lighting requirements. 

Kitchen Remodeling Process

If you've never remodeled your kitchen before, then you might be unfamiliar with how you go about doing it. Our process consists of a consultation during which we speak with you about the type of design you're looking for, a draft period during which our kitchen designers come up with an appropriate design for your layout and a confirmation period, which is when you agree up on a design and decide to retain our services.


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