At Lang's Kitchen & Bath, we can see to all of the home renovation needs of residents in and around Bucks County. We can handle jobs of varying sizes and budgets. Whether you need someone for a bathroom remodeling project, a kitchen renovation or complete home remodeling in Newtown, our privately-owned company has been serving the public since 1948.

A Process That Ensures We Accomplish Your Goals

No one has a better feel and vision for how their home will look and function after a remodel than you. This is why we start every renovation job by listening to you and discerning exactly what you want from a remodeling project. This includes how you want the finished room or rooms to look, what type, brand and color of materials, appliances, vanities, tubs, fixtures, flooring, mirrors and any other elements you want and what sort of time frame and budget you are looking at.

At Lang's Kitchen & Bath, we realize that everyone has a budget that they must contend with, and we do everything we can to squeeze maximum renovations out of every dollar you have without compromising quality. In fact, we guarantee that the total cost of your project will fall within 8 percent* of the budget we mutually arrive at for the work you need done.

*This assumes no change to the original plan (e.g. changing product selection, etc)*


Kitchens and Baths and So Much More

When it comes to home remodeling in Newtown, we admit that we do excel at bathroom remodeling and kitchen renovation projects. That's why kitchen and bath is in our name. We determine what it is you want to accomplish, help you work within the needed budget to do this, and then we get to work. We use top-quality brands for all the flooring, lighting, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, countertops and appliances that are needed to transform your kitchen and bathroom into your ideal vision for these rooms.

As good as we are at kitchen and bathroom design, however, you are only utilizing a fraction of our capability if that's all you think we're good at. We can handle projects of any size from changing a single room to transforming your entire Bucks County home. Do you want a currently underutilized room converted into a home office, wine cellar or home library? We can handle this for you as ably as we do kitchens and baths.


Experienced Home Remodeling in Newton

Based in Newtown, Pennsylvania, we are convenient to customers throughout Bucks County. When searching for a company to redo your kitchen and bathroom or any other room in your home, you should choose wisely. Your home is the biggest investment that you may ever own, so make sure you are putting it in the hands of professionals.

At Lang's Kitchen & Bath, we have a code of values that we follow with every home renovation project we undertake. We believe in delivering superior service as well as following a 12-step process for every project that results in you getting what you want at minimum cost for a job well done. Please contact us for your next home renovation project, so we can dazzle you with our customer service and home remodeling knowledge and create your dream kitchen, bath or home.  


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