Redefining Relaxation in your Master Bathroom Design

Traditionally, when we think of relaxation and a master bathroom, the first image that springs to mind is a big bathtub filled with water and bubbles, perhaps accompanied by a good book.  The latest developments in bathroom remodeling see this view shifting as more people are opting to forego a bathtub in favor of using the space for a larger, more luxurious shower experience.  With no bathtub taking up valuable floor space in your bathroom design, not to mention room in your renovation budget, you can create a spa-worthy shower experience in your own home. 

A decision to leave out the bathtub will depend in large part on the particular requirements and tastes of your household, and may be influenced by the ages of the members of your home.  For example, younger home-owners may need to keep a tub if they have or expect to have children.  Those with older children or homeowners planning to age in their current home, on the other hand, may no longer require a bathtub and may even be planning their bathroom renovation to accommodate greater accessibility.  A shower-only master bath is not only ideal for accessibility, it can also suit different sizes of bathrooms: a larger master bath allows for a very large shower while a smaller bath with no tub means you still have space for a shower with elbow room and luxury amenities.

A shower-only master bathroom gives you space to create the shower of your dreams, with plenty of options ranging from an open shower with a rainfall shower head to an extra-large shower built for two, and more.  Here are a few examples of how you can incorporate this design feature into your next remodeling project:

An open shower design can work in almost any size bathroom.  When it replaces the bathtub footprint in a larger master bath, this shower type can promote an open, expansive feel in your bathroom design.  Combine this with a rainfall shower head and natural materials for your tiles or floor, and bring the soothing effect of nature into your daily shower experience.  The open shower design, either fully open or with a dividing wall, is also perfect for those requiring easier accessibility to the shower.

Take advantage of that extra space when removing your bathtub by installing a steam shower, like the one picture to the right.  A fully enclosed steam shower, combined with a built-in bench, will make you feel like you have a luxury spa in your own home and you will forget you ever enjoyed a long soak in the tub.

In a larger master bathroom, no bathtub means you have the footprint to install an extra-large shower space.  If you add multiple shower heads, such as two rainfall shower heads and a handheld shower head, you can even have a luxury shower built for two.

The extra space left by removing the bathtub also means you can add other amenities to complete your relaxing shower experience.  This could be a built-in bench inside the shower or a seating area just outside to sit down before or after your shower, like the one pictured below to the left.  A radiator towel warmer outside the shower door like the one pictured below to the right will make sure you have warm towels waiting for you to finish off your soothing shower. 

Create your ideal shower design with one of these ideas, or visit our bathroom design gallery for more inspiration.