Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions we are asked most often at Lang's Kitchen & Bath.  Contact us for more information.


1.      Where do you source your materials?

 Lang’s Kitchen and Bath has a wide array of material sources for every space, budget, and design style. We proudly partner with the industry’s finest manufacturers and artisans, and belong to a national buying group, which allows us to provide our customers with access to a wide variety of high quality suppliers, at the best possible price. Visit our Products page for more information.

 2.      How do I select the best materials and fixtures for a remodel?

 Lang’s experienced design team will guide you through the whole process. Our team will visit your home to observe the style, feel, and function of your current space. From there, they will work closely with you, taking into account your style, budget, and family’s needs, and help you find the ideal materials to marry form and function in your new kitchen or bathroom.

 3.      Do I need an appointment to visit the showroom?

 You do not need an appointment to visit the showroom during regular business hours, which features an extensive line of products and full kitchen, powder room, and master bathroom displays. However, you will need an appointment if you would like to meet with one of our designers to discuss your specific kitchen and bathroom renovation needs.

 4.      Do you charge a design fee? If so, how much is it?

 No, we do not charge a design fee. Rather, Lang’s offers a free “good, better, best” budgeting system that offers three design options.  This also includes an initial design consultation, which is the perfect opportunity to educate us on your design style and budget. The consultation includes computerized drawing, so you can see how the space looks and understand how much a project costs before you commit to a specific design or certain products.

 5.      What are the advantages of using Lang’s Kitchen and Bath over a general remodeling firm for my project?

 We offer our clients a one-stop-shopping experience.  You won’t have to go anywhere else to find top-quality products created by fine craftsmen, who specialize in kitchen and bath design.

Additionally, we have more than thirty years of experience in the kitchen and bath industry and are incredibly familiar with designing and installing a beautiful chef’s kitchen, a relaxing master bathroom, and many other spaces within the home.

 6.      What should I take into consideration before moving forward with a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project?

The two most important considerations are timing and budget. When it comes to timing, we understand that your time is valuable and that renovations can often be stressful. With those factors in mind, we do everything we can to coordinate the project so it has the least impact of your family.

Also, be mindful of your budget. Set limits and stick to them. Know what factors you’re willing (or not willing) to compromise on.

7.      What time frame should we anticipate for our materials and accessories to arrive?

Cabinets often take the longest to arrive – approximately six to eight weeks after the deposit has been paid. Other products typically arrive within this same timeframe, but in-stock items can be available in as little as two weeks.

8.      How long have you been in business and how many jobs have you completed in that time?

Lang’s has been in business since 1948 and has more than thirty years’ experience in the kitchen and bath design and remodeling industry.  We complete approximately 40-50 projects per year.

9.      Will you obtain the permits and set up the inspections required for this job?

As a standard part of our service and project management, Lang’s Kitchen & Bath prepares and submits all engineering plans and permits as required by your township. Additionally, we coordinate all required inspections and carefully incorporate them into our day-by-day schedule, so we can continue to work seamlessly throughout the course of the project.  For example, if we are waiting for an inspection on one aspect of the job, we continue with another part of the job until this inspection is completed.

10.   How will additional charges be handled?

Before the project begins, Lang’s Kitchen & Bath thoroughly investigates all aspects of your remodeling job to minimize project scope changes. However, two types of changes may still arise. The first are necessary changes caused by an unforeseen issue required to keep the project to code, that only become apparent once the wall is open. The second type of change is customer-driven, like adding a wine bar or a different sink style. In both instances, a change order will be created.

11.   What will happen if there is a change order?

Change orders only happen after the contract and final invoice are signed.  Any additional charges will be billed via a second invoice.

12.   Do you provide recent, local references?

Yes, local references are available upon request. References are former customers who have given their permission to be contacted by phone or email.

13.   Is there a project management team?

All jobs are coordinated by our design and project management team. The planning, budgeting, paperwork, and scheduling are completed before your project even begins. Once the renovation begins, the lead carpenter will act as the day-to-day project manager and communicate the project status and other relevant issues daily to the design and project management team. 

14.  I have my own installer; do you just sell the product?

Yes, you can solely purchase products from us. In that case, we recommend meeting directly with your installer prior to finalizing and ordering materials. Alternatively, we can design the space and supply the materials to your own installer, who would then complete the job.

15.  How long will my kitchen or bath project take?

The design stage can be completed in as little as a few meetings or it can go out several weeks. The remodeling phase begins on the first day of your project schedule, which is generally the rip out.  The length of the remodeling phase depends on the size and complexity of your job, but it typically takes between six and eight weeks for a kitchen and four and six weeks for a large bathroom. Factors, such as unforeseen issues found after construction began or installing intricate tile work, can also impact the timeline.

16.  When you finish my project, what state will my home be in?

At the end of each working day, our crews will spend time cleaning the project area to prevent dust and debris from infiltrating the rest of your home. Once the project is completed, the remodeled space is move-in ready. The project space will be cleaned and any debris, tools, and leftover materials will be cleared away.

17.  Do you carry liability and workmen’s compensation insurance? Are all your workers licensed and insured?

Yes; and we provide proof of insurance during the permitting process. If you would like copies for yourself, we are happy to provide them.

18.  What should I expect during the remodeling process?

You should expect to have prepared your space before we arrive by clearing out the area.  We need to have access to the project area of the home for the duration of the job and the driveway needs to be cleared out, so our craftsmen can access the home with their trucks and materials.  They also need a garage bay to set up for cutting tile and preparing other materials.  Pets must be contained so they are in a safe area during construction.  Please be aware that your room will not be functional or usable from the first day of demolition through the end of the project

19.  Will I have a dedicated team working on my job?

Yes, you will have a dedicated project team that includes the designer and lead contractor, who is there on a daily basis to manage the job. You will also have additional dedicated specialists, such as plumbers, HVAC contractors, and electricians, depending on the specific needs of your job.

20.  Who is onsite managing my project on a daily basis and who is ultimately responsible for my job?

Lang’s Kitchen & Bath is ultimately responsible for the job. A lead contractor will be on site everyday to manage day to day activities and any issues that may arise.

21.  What is your working day like?

Contractors usually start work between 8 and 9 am, but they may start either onsite or out obtaining materials for the job. Day to day their start time sometimes varies depending on customer needs.

22.  How will you clean up at the end of each day?

Prior to beginning work, drop cloths are strategically placed to protect your home. At the end of the day, our crews will roll up the drop clothes and clean them offsite before the following day, broom sweep, and pack away tools, some of which may be left neatly stowed away within the jobsite.

 23.  How and where will tools and materials be stored if the job spans multiple days?

This depends on the job and space available. Some tools and materials may be kept in the work area or in a designated work space, like a garage or basement. Some of our contractors store tools and smaller materials in their truck or trailer, which is kept at the jobsite.

24.  Is there a warranty for your service or for the materials you will be using?

Lang’s honors and facilitates all manufacturer’s warranties, which go into effect upon delivery to the purchaser. We also offer a 1 to 5-year service warranty under normal, expected conditions.  The details of the warranty are laid out in our contract.

25.  What style do your designers specialize in?

Our team of designers has experience designing spaces in a variety of styles. We’re not limited to one style in particular, rather we let your style guide us in all design and product selections

26.  Should I create a back-up plan for my remodeling project?

We are the back-up plan! We’ll provide you all options for products and materials that fit within your budget and offer you a back-up plan as part of our process.

27.  What choices will impact cost the most?

Room modifications, such as moving windows, changing doors, minor additions, changing all the flooring, extending into other rooms, or updates to bring your house to code will have the largest impact on cost. Certain product selections, especially countertops, can drive the price of the project; but our designers will work with you to find a suitable alternative that falls within your budget.