Get Your Bath Design Summer Ready

Open up your house, and your mind, as we show you how the summer season should inspire your bath design.  You’ll soon be ready for visitors and will enjoy relaxing in the tub at the end of a fun-filled day.


As your bathroom floods with sunlight, ensure your grout, windows and mirrors are sparkling. A vinegar and water solution works wonders on both, without having to use chemicals. Buff glass with newspaper for a smear-free finish or consider using dryer sheets to clean soap scum from a glass shower door. Cleaning all hard-to-reach places will pay you back with sparkling surfaces and fresh smells at this bright time of year.


Summer is a good time for a fresh coat of paint on walls, and it’s an excellent chance to bring the bright colors of the season into your bathroom by renewing any painted walls. Summer 2018 is all about bright reds and blues, so if you are starting a bathroom renovation consider including tiles (or at least a tile feature) in deep sea blues and strong turquoise to bring summer to your bathroom design year-round.  Even if you prefer the freshness of a white wall, you can introduce brightly colored accessories to add some summer fun to your bathroom design.


It’s a fact that plants improve air quality. Take a plant into your bathroom, however large or small, and it will look after you if you look after it! If you’re too busy, then cacti, succulents or artificial plants will add that splash of green. Try a tropical shower curtain, accessories, or statement drapes for an easy, fun summer look that can be changed when Fall blows in.


Children love playing outside, but the pool and beach can make your bathroom an unintended wet room. Add extra hampers to provide a designated place to drop damp clothes and towels (rather than finding them on the floor!) and have them ready for the laundry. Have plenty of fresh towels and put up labelled hooks for each child’s towel to be reused. Sort out where to hang wet swim gear. Easy-wash bath mats are especially useful to avoid little wet feet slipping on tiles.


Use your spring cleaning to get rid of any expired medications and products in your cabinets, which will also make space for sunscreen and after-sun products.  Many homegrown sunburn remedies, such as halved tomatoes and yogurt can be found in your refrigerator too.  The summer bathroom could also benefit from an aloe-vera plant for soothing skin relief.


As well as good weather, summer brings good times with friends and family. When planning for cookouts and parties we tend to overlook our bathroom design. Busy bathrooms can look awful with high usage during busy summer months, so make sure you have enough soap, toilet paper and towels on hand and make time for regular cleaning. Have your guest bath ready in the same way, with the addition of extra toiletries for last-minute guests staying over.


Often, we think of sinking into the tub on a dark, winter’s evening, but taking baths can be so refreshing in the summer too.  They’re a remedy for a multitude of summer issues, so keep bath salts and bubbles beside the tub like this bathroom design in Washington Crossing, PA   (honey and vinegar are excellent for smooth skin, sunburn and tiredness). This year’s cocktail table trend is a perfect accessory for your tub, to put a candle or drink, Hollywood-glamor style, beside you as you relax. For the shower, a storage niche will elegantly store all your essentials.


If you’re not traveling overseas for vacation, go online to find interesting, ethically sourced items to decorate your bathroom design, and support cottage industries at the same time. Textural items bring natural beauty to a bathroom design and woven baskets or bronze bowls will add design touches from exotic locations.

With summer arriving, now is the perfect time to make plans for your all-important bathroom design. Check out more seasonally-inspired bathroom ideas in our gallery or contact us to get started today!