The Process at Lang’s Kitchen & Bath of Bucks County, PA

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We, at Lang’s, follow a specifically designed, 12 step process for renovation. This professional procedure allows the client to understand the various phases of the renovation process and aids the design team, the contractors, the installers, the plumbers and electricians in and during the renovation schedule.

Our complete, custom 12 step process includes:

  1. Schedule an initial appointment with Lang’s Kitchen and Bath by calling 215-968-5300.

  2. Discuss options available for your project – Supply Lang’s with rough dimensions - Set up 2nd showroom appointment.

  3. Full Design with computerized Floor Plan, Perspective & Top View Presented to you. A Good-Better-Best 3-Column Pricing Analysis including installation is presented. Lang’s guarantees to be within 8% of the pricing analysis you select!

  4. Jobsite visit by Lang’s Designers to perform a complete in-home analysis. Design Agreement signed and payment made.

  5. Lang’s Design Team finalizes all dimensions, floor plans, & mechanical specifications. Plans are made and final quote written.

  6. Final Plans are confirmed by you, the client, in the showroom and material deposit paid.

  7. Lang’s Design Team completes all Material Orders, Work Orders, & Schedules. Lang’s then organizes all contractors for your project.

  8. Two weeks prior to your job start you receive a Pre-Construction call or email with a start date.

  9. Two to five days prior to job start a pre-construction meeting with you, the lead contractor, and one of Lang’s designers is scheduled.

  10. You are now under construction. Lang’s Project Manager will be stopping at your job as necessary BUT will have daily communications with the Lead Contractor.

  11. Final Punch List performed and completed.

  12. Job Completion Letter sent to you to Thank You for your business.

Without changes from the original design and materials selections, this process helps to make the renovation complete in a timely manner.

Please feel free to contact Lang’s with questions or to talk to any of the Lang’s team about “How it is done!"

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