Powder Room Design Bucks County in Bucks County, PA

Just because powder rooms in Bucks County are generally one of the smallest rooms in a home doesn’t mean you should be afraid to get bold with the powder room design choices. This is the opportunity to get as creative as you want. Whether you choose to use bold textures and colors or utilize a variety of materials, our design team can help you have the perfect powder room.

If you aren’t sure what your personal style is or how bold you are willing to go, our designers can recommend a wide range of options. Go ahead and give Lang’s Kitchen & Bath a call, we’ll be happy to help you get started on designing the perfect powder room and the next time your friends stop by, you’ll most likely have a hard time getting them out of there.

Design & Installation Services We Offer



From full size bathrooms to powder rooms, our bathroom remodeling team can help design the space you want, complete with storage and a fresh, modern look.


Kitchens-Along with bathroom remodeling, it might be time to go ahead and spruce up the kitchen as well. Simply changing out your old counter-tops can give your kitchen a brand new look.


Vanities-One of the most noticeable fixtures in a well-rounded powder room design is the vanity, so go ahead, choose a sleek, bold design that you wouldn’t typically consider.


Closets-Having an organized closet is essential in the powder room. Our closet systems can be customized to fit even the smallest powder room designs.

Bucks County, PA's Best Powder Room Design Bucks County

When it comes to powder rooms, bathroom remodeling and kitchens, Lang’s Kitchen & Bath offers a wide range of custom and semi-custom design options. We can help transform your dull and drab powder room into one of the most attractive rooms in your home. From your initial consultation to installing the towel racks, we’re here to help through the process of having a powder room suitable for any designer magazine.