Make the Most of your Small Bathroom Design

When space is limited and you have no option to expand your square footage, what can you do to get the most out of your small bathroom renovation?  Before you begin your bathroom remodeling project, make sure you determine exactly how much space you have available and check the building codes to determine the basic requirements.   There are certain minimum sizes for a powder room or a full bathroom, as well as specific space requirements for a shower, bathtub, and other essential fixtures. 

Once you have considered your available space, you should determine what elements are most important to you and the specific needs of your household.  For example, is the bathroom design for a master bath, guest bath or powder room?  Who will be using the shower or bathtub and therefore what size do you need?  How much built in storage space do you require?

When space is an issue, you must very carefully consider every element you want to include in your bathroom design.  Does it take up more space than necessary?  Can you cut down on the footprint of certain items in order to leave space for something else you really want to include?  Can you do anything to create the illusion of more space?  Here are a few tips to help you answer these questions.

Downsize your Fixtures

There are a number of ways you can minimize the impact of your fixtures on a small bathroom design.

Bathroom design featuring a frameless glass shower.

Bathroom design featuring a frameless glass shower.

  • A pedestal sink instead of a vanity cabinet can make the bathroom seem larger.
  • On the other hand the extra storage provided by a smaller sized vanity may be a preferable alternative in a small bathroom with limited storage. 
  • A smaller size bathtub can still provide space to soak without taking up too much floorspace.
  • Create the illusion of space by installing a more open shower design like a wetroom style, a curbless, or a frameless glass shower door, like the one pictured here.
  • A wall hung toilet with the tank hidden inside the wall reduces the space taken up by the toilet and provides a sleek, clean look.

Keep it Light

Stick to a lighter color palette and allow plenty of light in your small bathroom design to help create the illusion of space.

  • Larger floor tiles and light colored tiles can help make your room seem larger, as can uniformity of tile patterns, color schemes, and fixture finishes throughout the bathroom.
  • A large mirror perhaps combined with windows or glass block to add natural light can enhance your space.
  • Multi-layered lighting designs give the appearance of more space.

Maximize your Storage Space

When space is at a premium, make every inch count by finding clever ways to include adequate storage.

  • Use floor to ceiling cabinets to maximize storage space and create visual height in the room.
  • Make a freestanding vanity a focal point that also provides necessary storage space.
  • Add built in niches or shelves particularly if you are not including a vanity, or build shelves into the shower to help ensure there is space for all your toiletries.

Since every bit of space counts in a small bathroom renovation, consulting a bathroom design professional can help to ensure you get the most out of your space and the design choices you make.  Visit our bathroom design gallery page for more inspiration.