6 Kitchen Design Accessories to Get Organized for the Holidays

December is always a busy month, as many of us spend our time planning and shopping for the holidays, welcoming visitors to our homes, and celebrating with family and friends.  The madness of the holiday season is always much more enjoyable if you are organized.  We all make lists for cards, shopping, and menu plans to keep us organized at this time of year.  We also tend to re-organize our homes to make space for special decorations or get guest rooms ready for visitors. 

Kitchen organization is particularly important as it is the hub of activity in the home for holiday cooking and socializing.  An organized and clutter-free kitchen can make the celebrations much more fun, as every fork, appliance, and special tablecloth has a place and you are easily able to store and find them. 

Here are 6 inspiring ideas for organizing your kitchen cabinets with specialized storage accessories.

Magic Corner Pullouts are the ideal way to make full use of your kitchen cabinet storage space, even those dark corners that are typically inaccessible.  Pull out shelves like the ones from Hafele shown here can be the ideal place to keep special holiday serving dishes, cooking and baking supplies, and appliances that you may not use every day but are in high demand when entertaining.

Cutlery Drawer Inserts like this one keep your everyday cutlery organized and readily accessible, and can also include inserts for serving utensils.  You could even add a second drawer insert to house your silverware and special serving utensils to be sure they are available when you need them for special events.

Cleaning Supply Organizers fit in easily under the sink or in any cabinet where you need to access cleaning products.  Holiday cooking, baking, and entertaining all create extra mess in the kitchen.  Incorporating an organizer for cleaning supplies into your kitchen renovation like the one pictured below left helps to ensure you can easily access supplies and keep the kitchen looking clean in time for your guests’ arrival.  Alternately you could incorporate a pull-out that has space to store cleaning supplies and hang towels, like the one below right from Kessebohmer.

Oil and Spice Pull Outs are the perfect way to keep jars and bottles in order and readily available.  Make sure the cinnamon and nutmeg are ready for baking special sweet treats, and have your oils and dried herbs ready to cook dinner.  These narrow pull out shelves can easily be included in small, otherwise under-utilized spaces like the ones shown below left and middle close to the cooking area, or in a larger pantry like the triple spice pull out seen below right. 

Alternately spices could be stored in a spice rack mounted on a door or in a spice drawer insert, like the ones pictured here from Dura Supreme.

Waste Disposal is an important component of any kitchen design, as kitchens produce a lot of trash and recycling.  A waste disposal accessory like this double pull out trash unit from Hafele allows you to easily dispose of waste and also sort regular waste from recycling.  This makes clean up during parties and special celebrations so much easier!

Pantry Pull Outs like this one from Hafele are the perfect place to keep all your food items organized and easy to find.  This also helps ensure you do not buy excess items as the pull outs allow cans, bottles, and bags of food to be easily seen, making the holiday shopping much easier!

Kitchen storage accessories are the perfect way to make the holidays more fun by keeping your kitchen organized and clutter-free.  See more ideas in our kitchen design gallery here, or come see us in our showroom in Newtown, PA to see first-hand how a kitchen remodeling project can enhance your lifestyle!