How To Make Space For A Bathroom Vanity

No matter what size, shape, or style your bathroom is, there is a vanity to fit your design.  Making space for a bathroom vanity can also help you make the most of your bathroom by turning an otherwise underutilized part of your room into customized storage for all your bathroom accessories.  So turn that dead space under your sink into your bathroom’s biggest asset by selecting the right vanity for your bathroom renovation.

Double Up

For a bathroom meant for more than one person, include a double sink vanity.  This gives space for two sinks with plenty of storage and countertop in between to accommodate more than one person.  Doubling up on the sink and storage space also provides room to allow customized storage to meet each person’s requirements.  The bathroom design in Yardley, PA pictured below left includes a vanity with two sinks complemented by two recessed medicine cabinets, while the bathroom below right extends the double vanity into a customized make-up area. 

Create Customized Storage

A vanity is the perfect opportunity to clear up the clutter in your bathroom and to create a home for all of your toiletries and beauty supplies.  Similar to the cabinetry in your kitchen, a bathroom vanity can be designed with purpose-built storage to meet your individual requirements.  Hidden outlets allow you to easily store electrical items and have them at your fingertips ready to use without cluttering up your countertop.  A pull-out clothes hamper, like the one pictured below, means no one in your house has an excuse to leave dirty clothes on the bathroom floor.  Similarly, specialized storage for toiletries, towels, medicine and more can be incorporated into your vanity.

Extend it Up

Take advantage of all the available space in your bathroom by installing floor to ceiling cabinets that frame your countertop and mirrors.  Tower cabinets that extend to the ceiling allow you to maximize your storage space, while also adding an attractive feature to your bathroom, like the bathroom design in Newtown, PA pictured to the right. 

Function and Form

Your practical bathroom storage does not have to be purely functional.  Bathroom cabinetry is available in a variety of styles to suit every design.  Bathroom storage can take the form of built-in cabinets or a stand-alone furniture-style cabinet, which can be chosen to fit the style of your room and converted into storage suitable for a bathroom.  If you do not prefer fully enclosed storage for your bathroom, a vanity with open storage shelves could be the solution, like the bathroom renovation in New Hope, PA pictured below.  Even if a pedestal sink is part of your design, freestanding vanity cabinets can be installed surrounding the sink to get the best of both worlds.

For any bathroom style or size, there is a vanity design to meet your needs.  Visit our bathroom design gallery to see more vanities and contact us today to get inspired for your next renovation project.