How To Get The Farmhouse Kitchen Design Look

The kitchen is the center of the home and should reflect your personality and style.  From traditional to contemporary, the layout, products, and little design touches you select define the style of this space and set the tone for your home style.  What do you want your kitchen to say about you? 

Even if you do not live in the countryside, a farmhouse style kitchen design may be the choice that best fits your personality and home décor.  Here is our guide to understanding the farmhouse style and how to achieve it.

What is a farmhouse style kitchen?

Exactly as it sounds, this style is intended to evoke a warm, welcoming environment geared toward family meals, the use of classic and natural materials, and an unpretentious design.  Not all farmhouse designs are the same, and they may include more contemporary touches or have a sophisticated flair.  In general, though, a farmhouse style brings out the atmosphere of a family-oriented kitchen in a countryside home, where everyone is welcome whether they have just come in from school, work, or the barn.

How do you achieve this style?

If you think this style may be for you, here are five design elements to help you get that down home country feel for your kitchen:

1.       Cabinetry styles and color schemes
White cabinetry, painted cabinets, and a more simple style cabinet is often associated with farmhouse designs.  Natural wood kitchen cabinets with a distressed finish is another great way to achieve this style, like the kitchen design in Washington Crossing pictured here.  Beadboard accents evoke a country feel and can be incorporated into your cabinetry or anywhere you feel it elevates your design.  

2.       Open storage and freestanding furniture
Farmhouse kitchens traditionally included open shelving for easy access to necessary ingredients and dishes, or freestanding furniture like a hutch.  Add open shelving in your cabinetry, floating shelves, or a furniture style cabinet to your design.   A large wooden dining table is also an essential element, allowing plenty of space for family and friends to enjoy home cooked meals and baked goods.

3.       Sink styles
An apron front, or farmhouse style, sink is most typically associated with this design type.  They tend to be broad, deep, and durable, and are ready to stand up to the heavy duty use required in a farmhouse kitchen.  These sinks are now available in an array of materials and colors, so you are not just limited to a white apron front sink any more.  Stainless, soapstone, concrete, and many other materials can be options for your farmhouse style sink.  If an apron front sink is not what you had in mind, select a sink style that is ready to hold the large pots and pans produced from a hearty family meal.

4.       Classic flooring
Natural wood and painted wood flooring are a perfect choice for a farmhouse style kitchen.  They give a classic look and make use of natural materials that complement the more rustic appeal of the farmhouse style.  Another option is an updated version of the black and white linoleum floor, which offers a different take on a farmhouse kitchen.

5.       Design details
What really completes a farmhouse style is adding extra design touches that bring out the charm of a classic farmhouse kitchen.  Natural wood and rustic stone accents like this kitchen renovation in Ottsville, PA achieve this goal, but small details like using mason jars for storage or to display flowers evoke the charm of a farmhouse design style.


Does this style sound like the right choice for your home?  Check out our kitchen design gallery for more ideas or contact us to discuss how to achieve a farmhouse kitchen.