Find out why this is our top-ranked Pinterest photo!

Social media offers an opportunity to share our latest projects, design tips, and inspirations.  It is also an excellent way to get feedback from our clients, design community colleagues, and design enthusiasts.  We always love to find out which designs trigger the greatest interest from our social media community. 

One of the sites we regularly visit and use to showcase our work is Pinterest.  It is one of the most popular social media platforms where users find, organize, and share creative ideas.  You may associate it with impossible to re-create craft or baking ideas, perfect recipes or inspirational cat pictures. 

It is also an excellent site for finding kitchen and bath design inspiration, and last year we posted over 150 photos to our Pinterest page.  Of all the pictures and ideas we posted in the last year, we were intrigued to find out that the picture below was our most popular photo on Pinterest.  This means that more people viewed, shared, or saved this photo of a kitchen design in Newtown, PA than any other from our Pinterest boards.

Why was this our most popular photo?  One word – storage!  Get past the color schemes, tile designs, lighting choices, and other style elements of a design, and you reach the practical side of kitchen and bath design.  While the style elements of a kitchen remodel are important, what sits inside the kitchen cabinets is what keeps your home functioning smoothly for years to come.  This is precisely why people search on sites like Pinterest for clever storage solutions and unique ways to utilize every inch of space. 

The photo above, like the one shown below, offers a simple solution to one of those annoying things you face in a kitchen lacking proper storage.  You try to find the right place to put large, heavy cutting boards and baking trays, only to have them fall over.  Or, without a better place to put them, you find yourself shoving them into a poorly designed storage shelf underneath heavy pots and pans.  The best way to fix this problem is by creating customized storage for these items using special storage inserts, like the vertical storage shown in this popular Pinterest photo. 

This is just the tip of the storage iceberg.  Specialized accessories are available for just about any item you need to store or use in a kitchen. 

  • Inserts for drawers keep cutlery and cooking utensils in check.
  • A peg system in a drawer organizes dishes.
  • Small spaces can be converted into pull out storage for spices or cooking oils.
  • Pop up shelves keep a heavy stand mixer ready for use without taking up counter space.
  • Pull out shelves and drawers are ideal for pots and pans.
  • Pantry shelves and pull outs are perfect for managing food items.
  • Pull out trash bins make clean up easier, and customized inserts provide a place to keep cleaning supplies ready for use.

The list of possible storage solutions is at least as long as any list of complaints you may have about clutter in your kitchen design.  There is a very good reason why that photo of tray storage is our most popular photo on Pinterest.  It represents the fact that the lifestyle changing aspects of kitchen design extend far beyond the superficial style of the space.  Open the cabinet doors and pull out the drawers, and you will find the storage solutions that turn your cluttered kitchen into a well-organized space you can relax in and enjoy with family and friends. 

Find more exciting storage solutions in our kitchen design gallery here, or contact us to learn more about storage accessories.