Five Myths About Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Understanding Myth from Reality

If you are contemplating a remodel for your kitchen or bath, you have many things to consider. At Lang’s Kitchen & Bath, we have been helping residents of Newtown, Bucks County and the surrounding area achieve their kitchen and bathroom design goals for many years. We feel it is valuable to go over and dispel a number of myths that some people believe when it comes to doing their bathroom and kitchen design.


Myth #1: I Can’t Leave My Home Remodel to the Professionals I Hire

Unless your day job is running a home remodeling company, hiring kitchen design and bathroom design professionals to realize your dream kitchen or bathroom is a smart move. We spend as much time planning the remodel as we do installing.  Throughout this process, we get to know our clients very well and build trust every step.  If you come to us with an idea (or several), we will find the best solution that fits your needs, budget, and timeline.  When you hand the keys over to our kitchen and bath experts, we treat your home like our own.


Specialized Kitchen Storage Solutions

Specialized Kitchen Storage Solutions

Myth #2: I Should Put Style Over Practicality

It is true that you want your new kitchen or bath to look beautiful when it's done. However, this beauty cannot come at the expense of practicality. What's the point of a kitchen that looks exactly as you wish but lacks sufficient cabinets and drawers for storage space. This can be one of the worst myths out there because it leaves you with a room that looks nice but doesn't perform as you need it to.  There’s a common saying in the kitchen and bath industry:

"Form & Function"




Myth #3: A Kitchen and Bath Remodel Does Not Add Value to My Home

This could not be further from the truth. It is remodeling of these two rooms, in fact, that adds more value than doing work on any other room. The more worn down by the ravages of time or out of style your current kitchen and bath are the more value should be gained from remodeling them. Similarly, the better and more extensive the changes you make the more you should be able to add to your asking price when the day comes to sell.

Remodeling provides a great tool for establishing cost vs value for Philadelphia-area homes.


Lang's Only Uses Quality Products

Lang's Only Uses Quality Products

Myth #4: Save Money by Buying Cheaper Brands and Materials for My Remodel

Everyone wants to save money, but be careful where you try to cut corners. Quality brands last longer when it comes to things like new refrigerators, a range, shower heads, faucets, cabinets, lighting and numerous other things. Additionally, quality materials stand the test of time better.  Porcelain or natural stone tile in the bathroom may cost more than a cheaper material, but it will hold up better over time.

This can be one of the costlier myths to fall for in the long run because you will end up with a remodel that either doesn't stand the test of time or doesn't add much value to your home. At Lang’s Kitchen & Bath, located in Bucks County, we can help you avoid this type of pitfall by making solid recommendations for products that will add enduring value to your home.


Myth #5: Remodeling a Kitchen or Bath Is Just Too Expensive

It's true that a remodel for any room can feel like quite a project, and it is. It's certainly a much larger expense than simply redecorating your home with some new furniture or other additions. That said, a home remodel, when it's done right, will add enjoyment to your use of your home for years to come.

It is common in the industry to place the following investment percentages:

  1. Kitchens:   11% - 18% of the value of your home

  2. Master Bath:   8% - 14% of the value of your home

Additionally, as covered when dispelling myth number three, you will typically get any well-spent money back from your remodeling efforts when you sell your home.