4 Upgrades to Make Your Kitchen More Inviting

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The kitchen is naturally the heart of many homes as cooking and enjoying a meal is often a very social activity. A well-designed kitchen is a joy to be in, both in terms of aesthetics as well as purpose. With how much time is often spent in this room, as well as how valuable a beautiful kitchen is when selling a home, it's worth it to make this space really shine.

Here are 4 super effective renovations that will help turn a humdrum kitchen into a real work of art. 

Put the Finishing Touch on Your Walls with a Backsplash

Kitchen walls are subject to damage from moisture from the sink or steam from cooking, not to mention the occasional splatter of your secret spaghetti sauce recipe. Getting creative with walls might seem to be a bit challenging, but thankfully tile backsplashes come to the rescue.

A tile backsplash is one of the most effective wall covers for a kitchen. Though they have been around for quite some time, newly designed backsplashes are anything but antiquated. You can find the most stunning of designs, including intricate geometric patterns to 3D tiles that literally pop. As far as colors go you can find any shade to match your existing kitchen decor and appliances.

Add More Functional Social Space with a Curved Island

A kitchen island not only visually transforms a kitchen, but also serves as an inviting space for guests to sit and socialize while cooking up dinner or putting together snack trays. Stool seating also serves as a great breakfast bar for a casual brunch with your family, not to mention the added workspace in the form of additional countertop.

When designing seriously consider the idea of a curved island. A curved kitchen island not only looks upscale, but also helps conserve floorspace. Even a smaller kitchen can still be roomy and easy to move around in with a curved island versus a rectangular island. Also, bar seating around the island is more cozy in a curved shape than a straight line.

Completely Change the Feel of Your Kitchen with New Flooring

There is nothing like aged, grimy tile or vinyl to detract from the overall look of your kitchen. Classic wood flooring does a lot to add warmth to a kitchen, though many homeowners may be reluctant with such a natural flooring option. Thankfully there is a perfect alternative in the form of engineered wood flooring.

Engineered wood is everything you love about real wood flooring, but far more durable and easily maintained. Its incredible water-resistance and ability to handle heavy foot traffic make it a perfect choice for your kitchen.

Replace Old Cabinets with Custom Open Shelving

Cabinets are an obviously important feature of a kitchen, but closed off cupboards aren't your only option. You can add a casual, modern feel to your kitchen by replacing your old cabinets with custom shelving. Open shelves not only make it easy to grab cups or plates, but the lack of doors add an open-air vibe to your kitchen as well.

A great choice for the kitchen is thermally modified wood shelving. Modified wood is going to be able to handle the high moisture and spikes of heat in a kitchen as well as the constant movement of dishware on the shelf surface. Better yet, modified wood is a green option that doesn't require any staining or sealing, so you don't need to worry about chemicals transferring to your dishes.

By adding a few decorative touches and some basic structural changes you can give your kitchen an entirely new look without needing to resort to a serious remodel. Any one of these upgrades, or a combination of them, will really aid in transforming your kitchen into a welcoming space for family and friends.