3 Appliance Tips To Help You Through The Winter

When the chilly breezes of autumn turn colder in the Delaware Valley, it is time to pay attention to your home appliances to ensure their functionality remains consistent through the winter. Usually, homeowners take home appliances for granted and aren’t cautious enough in avoiding technical issues they might face during the upcoming months. 

Employing these three tips will extend the life of your appliances and ensure they are kept in good, working condition:

1. When the temperature starts dropping,

outdoor refrigerators should be unplugged or placed indoors; they won’t work properly if they are kept plugged in because the water and ice lines will freeze, and result in the refrigerator heating up. As the winter season approaches it is also an ideal time to get your appliances serviced, especially your refrigerator, as you may have some coils that need to be cleaned or even replaced. You can also schedule a cleaning of door seals, the drain, and even the drain pan – it is always a better option to opt for maintenance, rather than having to go through repairs and be without a refrigerator for a brief window. 

2. One of the most common causes of home fires

is due to a drying machine malfunction: when debris builds up in the lint screen and the dryer’s vents, it is likely to cause fire. The lint is very flammable; therefore, it is crucial to check for any lint clogs with great vigilance. Some of the warning signs to watch out for are when drying takes longer than usual, and when the dryer runs hotter than normal and damages your clothes. Clean the dryer lint as many times as possible during the winter – you can remove any buildup in the lint by using a vacuum. 

3. Dishwashers with little to no insulation

are likely to suffer from frozen water lines or clogged drains, especially if they’re projected on the outside wall. Leaving the cabinet doors open may help prevent freezing to some extent, but make sure to clean the following components: the dishwasher trap, the seal and the rubber gasket. The dishwasher trap is located way at the bottom and has a removable trap; it contains food particles that get stuck behind; clean this out regularly. The seal is what contains the water that gushes out to wash the dishes, it also prevents the water from leaking out. This seal can sometime accumulate debris around its rubber gasket, so gently clean the rubber with a damp towel from time to time. 


Naturally, all homeowners seek a stress-free home environment for the sake of comfort and convenience, but with appliances malfunctioning, this is sometimes difficult to achieve. Thus, the regular maintenance of your household appliances and seeking out great tips for taking care of your appliances can help with their reliability for a good long period of time and put you at ease. At the same time, it is important to choose a professional servicing company that has many years of experience. This ensures they know how to adequately service appliances without doing a mediocre job that makes things worse than ever. When professionals employ proper service procedures, it allows you to acquire the maximum service life of your appliances. A licensed and trained company will provide competent technicians who will ensure the job is done quickly and thoroughly. There are service companies that are available 24/7 and offer immediate services in the Delaware Valley, in case of any emergencies.