Color Is Making A Comeback In Bathroom Design

Neutrals are always popular in bathroom design, especially for people wishing to rent or sell their houses.  This year, the elegant neutral look is still in vogue, but with an organic infusion, bringing a more relaxed feel. Exposed brick, stone, reclaimed wood, nature-themed wallpaper and textured or patterned tiles all enliven neutrals. If you are ready to add a touch of color to your bathroom design, greens, blues and warm browns also draw inspiration from the outdoors and are very popular this year, so don’t be afraid to go wild.


Green is huge in bathroom design this year, especially as color experts Pantone announced that ‘Greenery’ was the color of the year for 2017. Symbolizing new beginnings and with a strong influence from the natural world, this color is an ideal choice for a rejuvenating bathroom design theme.  Plants and bathroom accessories are a great for accents of green but for paint and tiles be careful about the shade as too much can be overpowering. Adding green in a feature wall makes all shades of green accent colors pop while retaining its calming properties. 

Paris-based designer, India Mahdavi recently showcased a tub, mirror and sink in strawberry, pistachio, and blueberry saying, “It’s a contemporary interpretation of our childhood bathroom memories”.  This style, like so many European trends, find their way into our designs a few years later, so watch this space to see these color schemes coming our way soon.  It looks like your grandmother’s fixtures are making a comeback, but this time in bolder, more luxurious shades than avocado!


Blue is frequently used in bathroom design as it’s cool, calm and nautical. As with green, use it sparingly, perhaps with wallpaper in a powder room, as a mosaic tile feature, or a blue cabinet as a focal point. Check out this stunning blue vanity cabinet in a powder room remodel in Newtown, PA that really makes a bold color statement, especially when paired with brass fixtures.

Blue tiles are also an excellent bathroom idea but remember that less is more when creating an impact. Modern bathroom design is no longer about covering large areas in subway tiles, as there are many interesting shapes out there. Diamond, hexagon and chevron patterns in brilliant colors can liven up backsplashes, shower walls, floors and even ceilings and are a huge trend for 2018.


As with kitchen design, darker tones are picking up pace in bathroom cabinetry and fixtures. Don’t be hesitant about introducing dark colors into your bathroom retreat as the right shade of gray or indigo will bring richness and depth.  Brass or gold fittings have returned to popularity in bathroom remodeling, such as shower heads or drawer pulls, and work especially well with darker colored cabinetry or surfaces. 

If you want just a touch of a dark color, try including black matte faucets or hardware to contrast with a white color palette. Another new trend is a colored tub, in everything from painted porcelain to copper. Choose a dark tub, or a bright one against a dark background. Or, try a white tub against a dark background like this design.  The sky’s the limit.


Unique accents are the perfect way to inject color and drama into a bathroom remodel project. Use natural stone and shaped tiles in a feature color to highlight backsplashes and shower walls. To create a focal point on one wall, don’t just think of wall paint or mosaic tile, why not hang a huge painting or draw a graphic on an entire wall? Remember to seal any artwork you hang though, to protect it from moisture.


No matter how big or small your bathroom design is, decorative items need to be well-placed to pull your design together. Towels come in every shade and pattern imaginable and can be changed whenever you like.  Bath mats and rugs are both practical and good for a splash of color. Any jars, vases, candles and baskets you use should tie into your bathroom design’s color scheme for a cohesive look.

Why not go with the current trend of injecting color in your bath design to make it more interesting and bring personality to your design? There are so many colors, shapes, materials and fixtures to choose from but we’re here to help you make up your mind. Start by browsing our bathroom remodeling gallery to find inspiration.  Then get in touch with us and our bathroom design experts will guide you through all your design and product choices