Mirror Designs to Reflect your Style

Whether you spend five minutes or an hour getting ready, everyone looks in the bathroom mirror.  Maybe you use it to shave, to do your hair, or to get your make up just right before a night out.  You may even hold your kids up to it so they can check whether that wobbly tooth is ready to fall out.  Yet, this necessary element of your bathroom design often gets left behind in the planning process.

The bathroom mirror is a necessary element of your bathroom, but also an opportunity to express your style in a small fixture that can be more easily replaced over time.  Whatever your space, style or bathroom design requirements, there is a mirror to meet your needs.

When choosing a mirror for your bathroom renovation there are a number of practical considerations:

  • Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, so there is a mirror to suit any bathroom design. You could incorporate one large mirror over the vanity with overhead lights to create both a practical and glamorous space. Multiple smaller mirrors that are well-placed can create the illusion of depth in a smaller or narrow space and bring more light into your bathroom. Individual mirrors over each sink create personal space for each person using the bathroom and help to break up a large wall.

  • Round, oval or even arched mirrors can add a unique touch to your bathroom design and also help to soften any sharp angles in the shape of your bathroom.

  • Mirrors can be used to hide a medicine cabinet, giving you practical storage space hidden behind your stylish mirror. Click here to view the recessed, mirrored medicine cabinets installed by Lang’s in Custom Creativity. No one except you will know that your medicine cabinet is there!

The mirror you choose for your bathroom remodel should also complement and reflect the style of your new space.  There are a number of ways you can accomplish this:

  • If you have chosen a busier tile or wall design, a very simple mirror can be an elegant addition to your bathroom design while not taking away from the other elements.

  • You might select a framed mirror that matches your cabinets or complements the colors in your tile design – or you could select a contrasting shade to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral toned bathroom design.

  • Mirrors can be framed in different materials, including tile, stone, wood or metal. A custom made mirror, perhaps utilizing unique or locally sourced materials in the frame, equates to a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork in your bathroom. Click here to view the custom designed mirror crafted by Lang’s for One-of-a-Kind Powder Room.

Whether you want a simple, well-lit mirror to get ready for work in the morning or a one-of-a-kind conversation piece for your guest bath or powder room, your design professional can help you find the perfect mirror to complete your bathroom renovation!

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